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Welcome all. If you are looking for the site which used to be here, then please be advised that the site has moved (again). That is to say, the content has been modified slightly, and is now presented as Acid's Homepage, which is a name reflecting the change in focus for the site. I am an avid Xtension and Freelancer fan, and Acid is my callsign on the sites for these games. Yes, I am the Acid of Graphic Novel fame. That will only mean something to you if you hang out on the Egosoft forum.

In case you've missed it, here is the link to my new website, Acid's Homepage. Below you will find some familiar links, in case you didn't really want to visit my site anyway. These links will of course also appear on the new site.

Some Links for files on this site: Black Label Mod | Privateer in Sirius Mod

Robbie & Teesh | Command Line Automation
Note Tab Text Editor - Simply the most useful piece of software I have ever bought. Critical Depth Images Earthcurves - Good Images site featuring the art of Will Kramer  

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