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Remember the days of old; consider the generations long past.
Ask your father and he will tell you, your elders and they will explain to you.

-Deuteronomy 32:7

On Easter Sunday 4/12/2009, I learned that our dear cousin Eleanor Parsons Fogal passed away.
Eleanor has been a wonderful guide and mentor since I began recording the Flott genealogy....almost 28 years ago.
It was Eleanor who suggested I write a family newsletter and was thrilled with "The Flood Watch".
She will be sadly missed!
Eleanor's Guestbook

My Dear Uncle Paul Daniel Flood passed away on Sunday, April 19, 2009.
I will miss his guidance and the joy I saw in his eyes when I'd relate a new find in the family history.
He'd say "Wow, is that right? or "I never knew that!" and "Isn't that something, Teresie?"
I'll miss our shared cups of coffee and stories, Uncle." Paul Flood Guestbook

[Left] June 2007: Me at my 3rd Great-Grandfather Daniel Flott's grave, Salem Cemetery in Tell Township, Huntingdon County, PA
[Right] Circa 1860, Daniel and Susannah (Henry) Flot(t), My 3rd Great-Grandparents

Searching my family tree started with a visit to Salem Cemetery in Tell Township, Huntingdon County, Pennsylvania with my Mom in 1982.
Like always, we walked the cemetery and she pointed out stones of relatives. On this particular visit, however, I wrote down the information off
of each stone. I decided I would put all of the information into print form as a birthday gift for Mom. She was delighted with the idea....

I got hooked on finding out more about these ancestors....and the search began.

I am interested in any information on surnames that appear on these pages
and will gladly share what I have - all you need to do is contact me.

My Surname List

My Maternal Family Tree
Includes Flott (Flood), Reitenauer (Ridenour), etc.

My Paternal Family Tree
Includes Brua (Brewer), Meyer(s), etc.

The Connection Has Been Made! I have at long last made the connection to the Flott homeland thanks to cousins David Jaymes (USA) and
Gerald Keller (Rohrbach, Germany); as well as Brigette Kohler; a local historian in Wembach, Germany. Many thanks to the three of you!!

The Flott family were Waldensians. There are many wonderful sites on the Waldensians and their religion, including:

Piedmont Families Organization, Inc.

and Waldensian History, A Brief Sketch

Wembach and it's sister cities Rohrbach and Hahn are Waldensian Communities.

The Waldensian Shield

Lux Lucet In Tenebris
The Light Shineth in the Darkness

The oval shield of the emblem of the Waldensian Church is encircled with the Latin inscription, "Lux Lucet In Tenebris", or "The light shineth in the darkness." Within the oval a lighted candle spreads its light as a reminder of the Savior's command, "Let your light shine before men, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father who is in heaven." Matthew 5:16.

Encircling the lighted candle are seven golden stars representing the angels of the seven early churches in the book of Revelations. The use of the seven stars suggests the antiquity of the Waldensian Church. The stars appear on a field of dark blue representing the darkness of night.

Two green branches, one of oak usually on the right and one of laurel usually on the left, tied together with a light blue ribbon partially surround the shield. The green oak symbolizes strength or power. The green laurel stands for hope and glory. Together they represent the hope, power and glory of God. Often the Waldensian Seal is shown with only two branches of laurel. This laurel wreath represents "The Church Triumphant."

Above L-R: The Flott Family Crest; Overview of Wembach, Germany; Flott Inn as it looks today.

Above L-R: Waldensian Church in Rohrbach Germany where the family records were found;
300 Year Anniversary Plaque Honoring the Founding Families of Rohrbach, Wembach, and Hahn;
the Rambaud family home as it looks today.


Recently located are the Civil War Military records for Daniel Flott (son of John Flott & Mary Rambaud Flott)
and his cousins George W. Rambo and brother John David Rambo (sons of George David Rambo and Mary Flott).
(Note: Mary Flott Rambo and John Flott were siblings of my 3rd Great-Grandfather Daniel - pictured above.
George "Rambo" and Mary Rambaud Flott were also siblings!)

These records were uncovered by Perry Allen. Thank you, Perry!

Visit Perry's website on the 51st Illinois Infantry here:

51st Illinois Volunteers

View the found documents here:

Civil War Documents of Daniel Flott and his cousins George W. Rambo and brother John David Rambo.

The Flott / Flood Reunion

is in the planning stages again!
Watch this spot for an reunion announcement for, hopefully, 2009!!

See the link below for the 2008 Flood Watch.

The Flood Watch

This Flott / Flood family newsletter is published once a year in the spring. I highlight direct line descendants of

Jean Daniel Flott, his wife Catherine Pra and their children:
Jean "John" Flott of Illinois, Jean "Daniel" Flott of Franklin and Huntingdon Counties in Pennsylvania,
Mary Flott Rambo of Illinois, and Catherine and Margaretha; and their descendants.

If you would like to receive this newsletter, email me and be sure to include your name and mailing address!
In 2007, this newsletter was mailed out to 197 households! Presently the newsletter is published online only.
There has never been a charge for the newsletter, but donations to continue research and publication are always welcome!!

Click here to read the 2008 edition and past editions of the Flood Watch!

The Flott / Flood History, 1812-2002, 190 Years of Family in America
Published by the Flott / Flood Family Researchers,
Edited by Teresa Brewer Delikat

The recently published Flott / Flood family history is sold out. Our line is from Wembach, Starkenburg, Hesse-Darmstadt,
Germany and arrived here in 1830. They originally settled in Franklin and Adams Counties in Pennsylvania.
All but my direct line moved to Knox County, Illinois or the Kansas/Nebraska/Oklahoma area.

The book is over 300 pages total and contains photos, genealogy data (dates for immigration, marriages,
births, deaths etc) and lots of census information. It is current to the year 2002.

Connecting lines are many and include Pra, Rambaud (Rambeau or Rambo), Lantelme, Jayme (Jaymes),
Henry, Castor, McKnight, Snyder, Briggs, Boggs, Reitenauer (Ridenour), Hanawalt, and McVey.

To see my full list of surnames, check out the link to my surname list! (posted above)

For more information on any genealogy information appearing on this page,
email me using the link below.

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Partial transcription of Salem Cemetery in Tell Township, Huntingdon County

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