Whether it's a small gathering, or a huge crowd, there is something to please everyone in this Easter Brunch Menu. And even if you are the only cook, you will be able to prepare everything and still have time to enjoy your day since much of the preparation can be done ahead of time. Take a look at my suggested time table for "do aheads" if you need a bit of help. Each recipe makes 6-8 servings but could easily be doubled for larger crowds or heartier appetites. However, when doubling some recipes, cooking time may need to be increased.
Apple-Mustard Glazed Ham The sweet and tangy glaze turns an ordinary baked ham into something special.
Cherry Strata This dressed up version of French Toast is one of my all time favorites and is sure to be a hit with your guests too.
Egg and Broccoli Casserole Believe it or not, this is prepared in a slow cooker! Which leaves your time and oven free for other things.
Luscious Lemon Muffins Muffins and other baked goods are always one of the highlights of a brunch, and these won't disappoint.
Cheese Scones These golden scones flaked with bits of cheddar make a nice alternative to biscuits
Add a fruit salad, green salad and maybe even a Jell-O mold and you have a feast worthy of the finest restaurants.
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Suggested Time Table

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