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True Jesus Church
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True Jesus Church
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The church would like to solicit funds for the Kolombong  Church building fund. The church hopes to receive enough funds to settle the outstanding loan as soon as possible and also to plan for future developments.

Every Tuesday Evening, 8.00p.m. - 9.00p.m.
there is a prayer session specially set for those who wished to spend more time in communicating with God - praying for Holy Spirit, Spiritual gifts and Healing.
We would like to remind all members to attend this prayer meeting.

"Prayers can change things"
Church Financial Status &
Appeal for Donation
Members who need our prayers
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1)  Please pray for those brothers & Sisters who are weak in faith.




As usual, there will be a monthly fellowship after sabbath service on the third week of the month, from 3.45p.m - 4.30p.m. Please come join us and have fellowship in the Lord.

There will be an Hymnal Evangelical service on  xxxxxxxxx at Kolombong church. Time is from 7.30p.m - 9.00 p.m
All members, friends and truth seekers are welcome to attend this service and find out how you could be on the heavenly path that leads to eternal life
Kolombong Church Dedication Service was held  on
4th August 2001.
A special service was held from morning from

9.00 a.m till 12.00 noon
Dedication service was from 1.45 p.m. till 4.00 p.m.

There was a tremendous turn out for the occasion.  Praise God for His wonderful blessings.

Please Check out our Church Dedication page

Holy Communion

There will be a Holy Communion Service on
xxxxxxxxx. All members are reminded to come with a pure heart and mind to partake this holy Sacrament.
True Jesus Church Kolombong is located on the 2nd floor
Sabbath Day Service in session - Viewed from front
Sabbath Day Sevice - Viewed from back
Come ye who are thirsty & you will receive  the fountain of Life
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This Web site was last updated on  31/03/2003
We welcome all friends, truth seekers and church members to join us for service and fellowship and share the spiritual joy.
Our address : Lot 8, Block B, 2nd Floor, Iramanis  centre,
Jalan Lintas, 88300 Kolombong, Kota Kinabalu

Should you need any assistance in getting to the above address, please contact the following members --

Dn. Ezra Kam - 088-435393
Lu Chen Yin - 088-435351
Joseph Yap - 013 - 8600198
Chin Se Fung - 011 - 821662
Clement Chang - 013 - 8508817
Fion Wong - 016 - 8387827
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