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I'm 24 I graduatedUMF and majored in Secondary Education English. I love to write poetry and here are some of my poems...sign my guestbook and let me know what you think of them.
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Believing in me
Believing in you
That is how it has begun
Bigger than the scope of any mind
It makes my brain tremble
So close yet so far I fear if Iíll
Ever reach it at all
On the cusp of pain, love, and delight
All at the same time
The stage is set for everything to come together
Or to fall apart if it so chooses
All logical thinking is out the window
Matters of the heart have no place in deductive reasoning!
Instead I run into the recesses of my brain and slowly
Walk through its contours
I do not know where I am or
Where it will take me
Trying to hold on to the moment
The laughter, the pain, and the euphoria
While it lasts and letting it take
Me where it wants
Like a balloon being
Carried away by the free flowing
The experience is so awe inspiring that
Seldom do I find the words to express
All of my emotions
Spontaneous is not a word many people
Use for me
But somehow spontaneous is what
I am becoming
The feeling growing from deep inside
I am finding what makes me happy
Unlike any other journey Iíve
Encountered before
I am charging face forward
With trepidation
Arms open
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Swiftly changing waters,
Flow through me,
Around me.
Times are changing,
Fast my friend.
The days are not so long,
Anymore and the sun,
Is not so bright.
You notice the leaves,
Losing their green and,
Your hair isn't so,
Brown, You realize your,
Mistakes and never apologize.
So, do not expect forgiveness,
On your deathbed.
Frailty never suited you,
But that is what you were.
Being tough somehow,
Made up for that.
Sad thing is,
The snow is going to,
Fly any day,
Wishing is only wishing
Passivity will get you no where
Is that where you really want to be?
Stuck in a hole of your own creation?
Self Doubt only creates self pity
Just get up off your ass
Believe in me as I always have
Inner strength deep down
I can almost clutch it as
I do this pen
I'm scared of it's power
I do not want to believe
I AM capable of that power
Slowly drawing up from
The depths of my soul
Letting it slowly slip into my veins
Coursing through me
Like a starfish regenerating an arm
I am becoming a whole
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Bittersweet Symphony
Bittersweet symphony
Harsh discords
give way to silent
harmonies that can
never grace the ears of
Precious notes not
one wasted or ill used
Slowly put together
To create a magnificent
Opus of grandiose proportions
The symphony contains
a tapestry of feelings a
wealth of knowledge
high and lows that know
no bounds
they resound to the greatest
depths of this earth
A cry for all humanity
A cry for love

Struck down, brought down
Slowly rising
Light of day coming to view
Many hues arise and
Envelope the sky, my eyes
Become overwhelmed. I must
Shut them from the brightness
The heat of the awakening sun
Dancing pirouettes on my limbs
Prickling the short hairs of my arms
Slowly warming my face to a smile
Bringing my body from sleep
And reluctantly into the light
Of day
Inudated with it all
Release, breath
Creating my own space
Looking at all my flaws
And making a plan
I will not look back
No I won't
Your words have hit the core
And shaken my center
The love in your eyes and
The depth of your touch
Shows me that you care
More than any of your words could say
My heart skips two beats
And I think I am dying so slowly
But that is not what is happening
I am waking up and it's oh so painful
It scurries, runs, itches
Under my skin
Blue from lack of oxygen
Rigid from death is my soul
Deprived is my soul with the pain I allow To run within
Flush it out
Breath, release
Let it all run out of my system
Total shutdown, reprogram
And forget the past
I did what I could
I learned, bled from the
depths of my soul
And returning now
Stonger, braver and
Willing to take it all on

A gush of pain and
it's over
cut and dismembered
my soul looks on and
weeps at the loss
the pain is immense
feels like someone is
tearing in two
thr brain doesn't register
the loss
eyes look around and seize
all the sights
but the landscape is
changing fast
Beyong there is an abyss
and my soul
falls in
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