Indoor Pollution
How dangerous is it?
How can we help protect ourselves?
We spend
about 90% of our time indoors. Some illnesses may be; caused by pollutants in our air and drinking water.
Our homes are built more airtight to keep the cool air and/or heat in.
By doing this we are also trapping the viruses, molds, dust, and chemical odors inside with us. This is known as the sick building syndrome.
Not only you are at risk for breathing problems or other conditions but your whole family is.
The above diagram is from
What can you do to improve your indoor air quality?
I believe the first step is to become educated on what the dangers are. The picture above shows what kind of hazards may be present in your home or work place and the possible results concerning your health. Knowing what is harmful and knowing what you can do to improve your conditions is the foremost important step you can take.
     Your drinking water also is just as important to healthy living. Awareness of the quality of tap water is at an all time high. Your local health department along with the Epa as well as other concerned groups began working to safeguard and improve water supplies many years ago. They knew pure, clean, water was so important then, as it is today. Breathing cleaner air while drinking unsafe drinking water is simply just not acceptable. Many of the same problems that plague air quality affect the water we consume.
     What is the next step? Personally, I would suggest finding where and what the problem areas are and try to correct it by whatever means you can. One possibility is to invest in a air and/or water purification device depending on your current problems. You may think that all of those products are more than your budget can handle. That's one of the top reasons people put off improving their indoor environment along with not being aware of the health hazards in their home. Please be advised that air/water purification devices are not meant to treat people and their ailments but to get rid of most contaminates in your home or business. If a company states that you will cured by owning one of these purifiers then they are being deceptive. Purifiers treat the cause, not the person. By reducing the contaminates you may have less symptoms of a health problem.
For instance you may be allergic to your new dog, you decide to find the dog another home. Now you feel better again. Well, you are still allergic to that dog but without the dog around you have no symptoms. This is how purifiers work, they take the problem out of the environment.
     Concerned about ozone generating purifiers? Please visit
understanding for a better understanding of ozone and it's usefulness.
    Compare air cleaners with air purifiers their advantages and disadvantages.
Where do you begin to find the right product for your type of indoor problem? Good question. There are hundreds of devices out there all promising the same thing, that they will take care of your air and/or water concerns. I'd like to offer you an opportunity to test drive a leading air purifier on the market in your home risk-free for 10 days.
  Click on the survey link on your left and fill it out and I will contact you to see if an air purifier may be a solution for your problems and how you can evaluate a unit in your home and be part of our field tests with no obligation to purchase anything.
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Dust mites
Tobacco smoke

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