Knowledge is the tool for a Successful Life!
People think they have Good Knowledge, but what we really have are others telling us what to think.
WE put to much trust in what others tell us, and ignore any possibility they could be WRONG!

TJ Arts
has a purpose of helping BELIEVERS lift up God, and - those that aren't - an opportunity to express themselves in a better way.


God's Way begins with the
Knowledge Jesus gave to us in the BIBLE!
the Kristo The truth can be hard to find, but not here! click & see
The truth cannot be hidden forever, but people will always deny "the truth" of Christ Jesus' life, words, and birthright...
                 ...He is the only born child of God!
The Jews are God's chosen people, and through the blood of Jesus, the Christ, the rest of humanity has been adopted by God, as His children...
...The Truth will set you free...
...,but in spirit more than in this life, because people seek to control their enviroment before they have control of themselves!
Don't look for another to do right - you do it first!
TJ Arts
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