order the cd

cd information.
songs about songs is 8 tracks and 34 minutes long. tj plays all
the instruments (vocals, guitar, bass, drums, banjo, trumpet,
and cello) on all tracks except for one where justin mundell plays
drums and gallagher scott adds piano. tj doesn't suck at all the
instruments like most people do. i promise. every song is very
different yet tj's simple and knowledegable lyrics and original
music stay constant. just buy it. you'll like it. it's only $5 anyway.

how to order.
send an email to tj at ihatetjgrant@hotmail.com saying that you
would love a cd and he will send you all the information you
need to recieve this amazing piece of history (that's the cd... in
case you didn't know).
or you can come to any dramatics show and purchase one there.