we have a show tomorrow! awww boy. go to the shows
section for the d-low. i hope that you come.

i added the address for the show tomorrow. that is all. i hope
someone comes.

we're playing this weekend on the 28th. just go to the shows
section and get the d-low. it'll just be nick and myself so it's a bit
of an odd arrangement. i don't have anything to say... we were
excepted into the emp sound off, but we can't play because
gallagher is too old. that sucks... but it means we're good. i think
that i'll add lyrics of our newer songs soon.

well i have added a new section to the website -"the band". it's
winter and it's great. we have added our poor emo hoe selves
to myspace and you can download a new song from that page.
or be our friend. go to "mp3s" for the link.

yo. i added another picture of gallagher... isn't that exciting?
i'll have even more pictures of our beautiful selves soon. i am
a song writing fool now and so i'm trying to have a new cd
done sometime this winter! yay. as for shows... not so many.
if you'd like us to play a party, email us and we will. probably.

well babes, i'm playing next weekend at club adrian in tacoma
for all you gangsters. come love me. there will be another
band member too... i think. come love me. please? sign the
guestbook too, i like that.

well children, there is a show this saturday in which you
should attend. it is a benifit show for some by sea's upcoming
tour and i'm going to play a few songs too. you guys should
come out and support them because they're a good band and
you should come sing and whistle along with me. it will be a
good show... go to the shows page for the details of course.

all new exciting pictures, all new exciting downloads... awww
man. a whole new world.

there's a show this friday. it's a party but you're alowed to
come if you're so inclined. go to the shows page for the rest
of the info.

we have a show this sunday, go to the shows page to get the
down-low. it's only $3 and it's at a park (kind of), so you should
come. you can also sign up for my mailing list, just look below.
you should also do that because i will send you nude pictures of

i'm lining up some shows right now. they will be posted once
they're final. i might be playing some songs on sunday in
maple valley. i'll let you know about that as soon as possible.
i also might be getting my cd remastered which means it'll
sound a little better. not enough for anyone to really notice
except for me.

the cd is complete!! yay! you can now order the cd, just click
on the link below and it will tell you how. it's really good and
i am proud of it, which is a very good thing. i am looking for
someone who can play guitar and trumpet (not 2 people, just
one person who can play both.) if you can and want to play in
my crazy band, please email me at ihatetjgrant@hotmail.com,
that's all.

i've written and recorded the last song for songs about songs so in a
little while it'll be out. the lyrics for it have been added so go read
them because that's so exciting. i'm very happy.