the band

tj grant - vocals/acoustic guitar/trumpet
well, i'm tj and i write music. i like to play it. i don't really know what to say. i like ballet and cookies. my feet are cold right now. i'm also in that crazy rock band the dramatics. i hope that people like my music, but it doesn't matter all that much because i like it. if you want to love me, you can email me at if i was good at painting, i'd paint. that email address is my personal one, just so ya know. i like movies a lot too. and here's a little fyi, the band is called tj grant because i'm just waiting for a good name to come around... and originally it was just me. i'm done.

gallagher scott - electric guitar/banjo/piano
gallaher is a pretty hip guy. he's a magician and an actor and a smoker. gallagher and i kind of started this little band when we wrote a couple songs together a while ago. and then i finished it on my own because he moved to tuscan where it's hot and gross. but now he's back because he loves me and his lover. he's a tallented fellow. the band should really be called tj and gallagher because we write the songs together now. gallgher sits down when he plays. he's been in some other bands, but i don't remember what bands though. that's all i'm going to say about him for now.

nick foster - bass/clarinet/vocals
nick is a very "well-rounded" guy as they say. he does a lot of things and is a smart guy. i like him. nick was in band called off-set, but now he's in my band. his best instrument is the saxaphone, but we make him play clarinet because it's much prettier. nick is a talented fellow too. he and i were in a band called miles murphy's ultimate coverband experience feat. the estonial national radio symphony oerchestra one time and we won the talent show by playing other people's songs. it was good though. nick plays my girlfriend's bass that looks like a flower and it's cute.

justin mundell - drums
doesn't justin look lame playing only drums in a band where everyone plays lots of instrument? it's okay because he's a good drummer. justin has been my friend for a long time and i sure like him. justin is easily one of the most interesting people alive. we're in the dramatics together. justin's really buff. he's in the band to protect our skronny emo asses. that's the only reason. he's rude and offensive. we've been playing together for a long time too. just meet him.