Nessie's Journal
Dear Journal,

Today is a pretty normal day I would say. The sun's in the sky,
school is still as boring as could be. I didn't learn too much. I can't

say that I had too much fun. BUT I was thinking hard today. Thinking about things I normally don't think of...who am I? Am I

Nessie? Well one except my family and friends know my REAL name. Whenever I talked to people on this site that I don't

know, I say I forgot my name and jjust said it was Nessie. Which isn't true of course. But anyway...there are people out there who

just go to sites like theses to make fun of them. And then there are people who actually come to learn a thing or two about what I like

to call PARANORMAL. If your like me, I like the pictures and the sounds. Which get to my point...that's me. I like who I am. No one

can change that. But I want to ask a question, do YOU know who you are? And also, you can give me some PARANORMAL

pictures to put on my site.