Directions for establishing your account


1.      go to


2.      click on “create a user profile”


3.      select “student” from the pull down menu – then click “next”


4.      type in your “Class ID” (see below for your class) and your “class enrollment password” (see below for your class)


a.   AP  Government 1st Period -  ID# 1252153    -   Password  - “first”


b.   USVA  Government 2nd Period – ID# 1252163   -   Password – “second”


c.       USVA  Government 3rd   Period – ID#1252164  -  Password – “third”


d.      AP  Government 4th Period – ID#1252166  -  Password – “fourth”


e.       USVA  Government 7th Period – ID# 1252170  -  Password – “seventh”


5.      enter your email address to create your “user name” and “password”



To Submit Assignments to  (must be submitted before due date!!!)


1.      go to


2.      log on with your “user name” and “password”


3.      Find the Assignment listed and click the “submit” button


4.      make sure “file upload” is checked at the top of the page


5.      type in your name and title of your assignment in the boxes provided


6.      click “browse” and select your assignment from your computer file it is saved under  (IMPORTANT – MAKE SURE THE ENTIRE ASSIGNMENT IS SAVED UNDER ONE FILE)


7.      Click “submit”


8.      submit “printed” copy on or before the due date