All citizens lead two lives in the United States. A person's civic, or public, life is concerned with the affairs of the community and the nation, while a private life is the personal life of an individual devoted to the pursuit of private interests. The history of this country is often the story of the tension that exists between individual needs and the needs of the larger community. Students need to realize that there are competing ideas in their civic and private lives and politics and government. Through this understanding, they can make informed judgments about what their government should and should not do, how they are to live their lives in a community of citizens, and how to support the proper use of authority or combat the abuse of political power.


The well being of American constitutional government depends on the informed and effective participation of citizens concerned with the preservation of individual rights and the promotion of the common good. If students want their voices to be heard, they must become active participants in the political and community process. To be effective citizens, students must master the skills necessary for a truly rewarding and successful civic life.


In order to meet Fairfax County Schools POS Standard for Civic Responsibility:

1.1  - b, c, e, f 1.9  - a, b 6.5, 6.6, 6.7, 6.8



  1. Students will understand the importance of positive citizenship.
  2. Students will evaluate the importance of performing public service for the individual and society.
  3. Students will evaluate whether and when the obligations of citizens require that personal interests be subordinated to the public good.
  4. Students will reflect on their own involvement and commitment to political and social issues currently facing the nation or community.


You are to complete a minimum of 15 hours (only 10 of the 15 hours can be school related) of volunteer activity in an endeavor of your choosing subject to the approval of the instructor. You may complete this project during the 1st or 2nd quarter of the school year. However, the last date to submit your Hours Log, Student/Parent/ Supervisor Agreement form and your journal or essay or PowerPoint is 1/12/09 (Both A and B classes). After this date, a late penalty will be assessed as follows: missing after 2:30 PM on due date, grade drops to a C missing on the 2nd day, grade drops to a D missing on third day results in a zero! This project will count toward your project grade for the 2nd quarter regardless of which quarter you submit your project.


SUBMIT THE FOLLOWING ON OR BEFORE 1/12/09 (Both A and B classes):

    1. Completed Hours Log with Supervisor Signature
    2. Completed Student/Parent/Supervisor Agreement form
    3. 5 10 page journal describing, analyzing and reflecting on your service OR a 3 4 page descriptive and reflective essay on your service OR a PowerPoint presentation e-mailed (see guidelines).




Possible examples: (must be voluntary)


  1. work for a candidate in an election 6. clothing drive
  2. work for a political party in an election 7. hospital or nursing home
  3. work for the elections board in an election 8. benefit marches, runs, walks, cleanups, etc
  4. work for a private or public organization 9. Coaching youth league team
  5. food drive 10. Your idea subject to instructor approval


Website for volunteer opportunities:















Please follow these guidelines when preparing your community service presentation. (Minimum 20 slides)


v      Submit all completed and signed paperwork separately.

v      Introduction slides with details on: agency supervisor - duties

v      Provide a visual of you at work - either a picture or a sample of the work you performed

v      Your presentation slides must be detailed and address the following:

o        The purpose of the organization

o        Explanation of three ways in which the organization contributes to the community

o        What you did to contribute the organization?

o        Share one or two anecdotes from your experience

v      Presentation slides analyzing and reflecting on your duties, experiences, relationships and hours.