Woll HW Check #8 – Polsby:  Congress-bashing for Beginners – Mayhew:  Congress- The Electoral Connection – Fenno:  Home Style and Washington Career

Print out, complete and bring to class on the assigned due date.


1. In the past, Congress-bashing has led to:

a) a greatly strengthened Congress.

b) a more powerful presidency.

c) controls over PAC spending.

d) all of the above


2. Congress-bashing often stems from:

a) the president and Congress of the same party.

b) divided government in which the president and Congress are of opposite parties.

c) disciplined political parties on Capitol Hill.

d) decentralized congressional power.


3. Among the proposals for change Congress-bashers have recommended are:

a) the item veto.

b) limits on congressional salaries.

c) term limits.

d) all of the above


4. According to David Mayhew, members of Congress must:

a) constantly strive for power and status on Capitol Hill.

b) engage in reelection activities whether or not they are from safe districts.

c) engage in reelection activities only if they are from marginal districts.

d) engage in reelection activities only where there are sharp party differences along ideological lines in their



5. Activities members of Congress engage in to secure reelection include:

a) advertising.

b) position-taking.

c) credit-claiming.

d) all of the above


6. Congressional advertising activities are essentially focused upon:

a) casework.

b) oversight of administrative agencies.

c) taking stands on issues.

d) congressmen disseminating their names among constituents.


7. Credit-claiming by congressmen is essentially focused upon:

a) claiming credit for channeling specific benefits to districts.

b) raising credibility on Capitol Hill.

c) wooing voters by claiming credit for power on Capitol Hill.

d) attacks upon the political opposition.


8. Generally the best strategy for position-taking is to:

a) take ideological stands.

b) take strong positions on important issues of public policy.

c) cling to positions taken in the past where possible and reach for new positions only with great caution.

d) follow the leadership of Capitol Hill.


9. A congressman’s home style and Washington career:

a) are never in conflict.

b) are always in conflict.

c) are generally mutually supportive of each other.

d) are often in conflict.


10. Generally members of Congress seriously embark upon their Washington careers:

a) immediately upon assuming office.

b) only after several hours.

c) after they have achieved a committee chairmanship.

d) and are closely followed by constituents.


11. Members of Congress generally find that their power on Capitol Hill:

a) helps them to get reelected.

b) is not very important to reelection.

c) is essential to position-taking.

d) is closely followed by constituents.


12. The congressman’s home activities are:

a) generally easy to handle.

b) delegated entirely to the member’s staff.

c) difficult and taxing for the members and his staff.

d) handled by local party bosses.