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Welcome to the web page of Teejay Ortiz. I do hope that you enjoy browsing through my web page as much as I enjoyed creating it. And don't forget to sign the guestbook.

You can contact me through my e-mail for any comments and suggestions that for some reason you can't put in my guestook. Have Fun!

This is the First site that I developed. Watch out for updates on this page as I will definitely go into other stuff to improve my web's design and content.

Below are descriptions of the image map thumbnails above just in case you don't understand the picture language.

Author's InfoThis is the part where I keep most of my personal information, resume, stats, etc... Guest BookDrop me a note and view the message board.
Friends and GroupsTell me who your friends are and I'll tell you who you are. This is dedicated to my friends. My LinksFavorite sites of friends, interests, resources, etc.
FunstuffCollection of my works (audio, visual, and written) and other interesting, recreational stuff. About my Web PageJust some basic background about how I made this web page.

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