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Reunion of the 2nd Mississippi Cavalry (6th MS Cav.), starting on the front row from left to right: Mr. Gordon, George Blissard, Josiah "Milk" Clark, Capt. Jonathon Oglethorpe Clark (my ggg-grandfather),"Lude" Lowry, Jim White, J.P. Morgan

That's me and Cino somewhere North of the Ohio.  Cino passed away in Feburary at the age of 18.  I hope to ride him again at Fiddler’s Green.  He will be missed.

At the outbreak of the American war, in common with many of my countrymen, I felt very indifferent as to which side might win; but if I had any bias, my sympathies were rather in favor of the North, on account of the dislike which an Englishman naturally feels at the idea of slavery. But soon a sentiment of great admiration for the gallantry and determination of the Southerners, together with unhappy contrast afforded by the foolish bullying conduct of the Northerners, caused to complete revulsion in my feelings, and I was unable to repress a strong wish to go to America and see something of this wonderful struggle. Having successfully accomplished my design, I returned to England, and found amongst all my friends an extreme desire to know the truth of what was going on in the South; for,in consequence of the blockade, the truth can with difficulty be arrived at, as intelligence coming mainly through Northern sources is not believed; and in fact, nowhere is the ignorance of what is passing in the South more profound that it is in the Northern States. And I am also of the opinion that many will agree with me in thinking that a people in which all ranks and both sexes display a unanimity and a heroism which can never have been surpassed in the history of the world is destined, sooner or later, to become a great and independant nation. from the "The Freemantle Diary" Lt Col Arthur Fremantle Coldstream Guards 1863

Thomas J. Purvis Memorial

Stampede Farrier Service

Shots from the movie "Patriot"

Jonathon Oglethorpe Clark

History of the 19th Miss by Bill Furr (J.O. Clark's first reg)

Oakwood Cemetary Raleigh, NC, burial site of Col. Wallace Bruce Colbert 40th Miss CSA

Graves-Jackson Family (old photos)

Purvis-Spradly Family (old photos)

Enoch Isom Daniel (4th MS Inf. CSA)

Matt Purvis (KiA) WWI

Waterbury’s Scouts

Photos from the Cornfield "Sharpesburg"

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