The Iskandar  Waterfall

 18 kilometers from Tapah, Perak State, Malaysia

Profile of Waterfall
Water Source 3 River
Waterfall profile 2 2 near vertical Waterfalls
Accessibility 3 Car park by main road
Suitability for a picnic destination
Place for dipping 2 Some
Water quality 3 Fair
Picnic area 4 Some place










How to get there? 

This is one Waterfall that you need not search for! The place just appear in front of you. At this destination, I think the problem would be where could you could park your car. The approach road known to be winding is rather narrow. It is best that you have to find a suitable parking spot some distance away from the "Bend".

For me, I would stop long before the crowd and find a spot that would not obstruct the smooth flow of traffic.

The place!

The road trip from Tapah to Ringlet could be a slow torturous 2.5 hours drive on twisting and turning road. And - dependence upon how civil the driver is! The Main Road follows the contour of the hill sides, hugged the hill slopes on its entire journey. Almost, at mid point of the journey,  when every passenger would be yearning for a break from this marathon trek. Behold - there appears before you, one of the most spectacular Waterfalls. 

This page was created on 17th May 1999 and updated 20th May 2003

My Waterfall collection # 27/84

A huge signboard will confirm that this is the Iskandar Forest Park.  At the point where the river passes underneath the road, it is cutting through a ravine. The slopes on both sides shapes the road into a very sharp "U" shaped turn. Like having to "jump" across the river. Judging from the perpetually large crowd that had gathered here each time I passed this point, I can safely confirm that many passengers looking forward to this break. The crowded scene is only compounded by the presence of many petty traders. They chose to set up their stalls hugging the bend - vantage point?. Closest to the bend. Everything - events and crowd  blocked the already poor view of on-coming traffic. Selling potteries and items not related to Cameron Highlands!  

The situation has gone worse, many visitors disillusioned with the unavailability or in the absence of more interesting places, has found the sight of the waterfall area, the last tangible events of the entire trip. Tour operators too have chosen this place as a "must stop". This practice only added to burgeon the crowd. There was once an original Souvenirs' shop, strategically located away from the main road and almost perching on the Waterfall.  It had since being dismantled. Visitors can walk around the rock face at the base of the waterfall. Circular path passing through both banks of the river after the waterfall, are linked by a bridge to the main road.

The waterfall? It is over 30 meters tall, a near vertical cascade, preceded by another 2 more cascades on top. On top of the large cascade, the waterfall starts as a spillover from a man made barricade. This basin at the top of the waterfall was originally designed for the collection of drinking water! You could see its traces. Walking steps on the right side of the Main waterfall stretches to the top of the first cascade.  Here a small standing space allows hikers a good bird's eye view of the activities below. Watch your step, the surrounding is always wet and slippery! There is the play pool at the base of the waterfalls. Notice those light colored litters? It's existence clearly demonstrate the level of contamination. The attitude of authority in keeping this No 1 tourist spot in such dire straits. For those of you who did not make it to the top!  You could almost catch a glimpse of the highest cascade in the picture in my other page.

Disregarding the nuisance of the crowded scene and those monstrous trucks showing their displeasure at the bend, this certainly is a welcome stop for many travelers!

My recommendation? 

After reading about the place, you have already formed your own conclusion and need not hear much from me. For many city folks who hardly see a Waterfall, it is good to drop by and seat at a vantage point for a while. The effort is even more worthwhile when you have children. A good place for exposure and let them feel the ambience and how majestic nature could be. 1] Recalling the hard drive and still some more distance to travel 2]You being here not just for seeing the Waterfall but to spent some relaxing hours in the highland atmosphere. The Waterfall then is really part and parcel of the holiday trip.

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