Sungei Tua   Waterfalls

 8 kilometers from Ulu Yam New Village, Selangor State, Malaysia

Profile of Waterfall
Water Source 3 River
Waterfall profile 2 Cataract Waterfalls
Accessibility 5 Car Park available
Suitability for a picnic destination
Place for dipping 2 Hardly
Water quality 3 Fair
Picnic area 4 Plenty of  places

 The main waterfall

How to get there

Get to the Batu Caves, from there head for the township of Selayang. Around that township, there would be road signs for the way to Hulu Yam. Follow that road through industrial estate and kampong houses. You will reach the Batu Dam. Go round the Dam road and you will be at Sungei Tua. The river that supplies water to this dam.

 Alternatively, the clockwise way. If you are coming down from the direction of Genting Highlands, at the Gohtong Jaya Round About, head for the town of Batang Kali . Once into the down hill road, watch for the signboard for Hulu Yam and Kuala Lumpur. When you are in Hulu Yam Bharu, look for that road to Kuala Lumpur. Follow that road and you will pass the Main Waterfall first, just after the highest point of this road.

Relatively flat and gentle flowing river with plenty of shades is the choice of most families on weekend outings. Such ambience is not found in Sendat or Kanching.

More pictures of the place


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Description of place

I continue on the fact that Selangor state offers numerous water based sites for people who seek outdoor places to spend their weekends.  From the development and signage, it is obvious that Sungei Tua will be made into a State Park while the nearby Kanching is down played.

This new star in Selangor is a  very popular spot  This is at the borders of Kula Lumpur. From Batu Caves, depending on conditions of the traffic, should not take more than 20 minutes to reach the 1st parking lot. As this is the way to Hulu Yam, most picnickers had invariably mentioned as "gone" to Ulu Yam. Make their outing more exotic by calling this destination "Hulu Yam Waterfalls."

The proper Hulu Yam Waterfall is Sendat. Most people is not aware that this place is Sungei Tua.

 Approaching the valley from the south, having left the lake area behind and crossed over the stream, the road become straight and slightly uphill. T he Sungei Tua river is now flowing downstream on the right side of the road. Well hidden under the coverage of dense vegetation and canopied. It fairly slow flowing with some rapids. This is a gentle stretch of 2 kilometers. The road and the stream run parallel. It suitability as a picnic area is confirmed by the presence of a series of numerous picnic spots. It is marked by the official car parks No. 1,2 & 3.

 Those who has not been to the place talk about a beautiful waterfall. Nope! I really do not know which waterfall that they are referring to. But there is a waterfall. This waterfall shown in the picture on the left, is just beside the road. Seen by every passer-bys. To many who has never seen a real waterfall, this one comes easy and complete the scenic surrounding.

So it this a real Waterfall?

Coming back to Sungei Tua as a destination. This should be the type of place that crowd should be looking forward to. Good car park, there is no necessity to walk to the picnic area. It is just beside the Car park. Plenty of shaded area to choose from and a moderately flowing stream to complete the lure.

Visitors can choose from the official Car Park 1-3 and another 2 unnamed parking areas. The last car park on the highest point of the this stretch is old Car Park No.3.

Here the first time, the river rushes down from the hills and appeared  as a waterfall as well. From there gets under and crosses the road. Down another indistinct waterfall. The Park has steps along this second stretch of waterfall to reach valley where the rapids are. From there on, are the picnic areas.

What is recommended

Bring your usual gears, for picnic and outdoor preparations of meals. Bathing toiletries and mat for resting. As usual, I would advice you to o avoid weekends and public holidays.

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