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How does GoToWorld work?

I recently started using a new browser because they said they would pay me for using it. Seeing is believing, and now that I'm getting checks in the mail. It's legit, so I want to share this with you. 

Sign up and become a member. It's fast, free and easy. Once you sign up you will get a member ID# that stays with you and connects you to all your referrals. Next, all you have to do is download our GoToWorld.comTM Browser. Now, you can start to get paid to surf the Internet. While you are surfing the Net with the GoToWorld.comTM browser we will pay you $.40 per hour. You also will of course be paid for any referrals and their referrals who use the Browser.

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Referral Reward Program

Below is a diagram of how the referral reward program works. For every person you refer to, we will pay you $.10 for those people ( Friends referred 1 ) who are online using the browser. Now it just gets better because, we will pay you $.15 for every hour that your Friends referred ( Associates referred 2 ) someone else who will be using the browser. Best of all, you also will be paid $.20 for every hour that your Associates 2 referred ( Connections referred 3 ) someone else who will be online using the browser. Your referral group continues for two people past your original referral (see the chart below). This is simply the most powerful dynamic referral program the Internet has ever seen. There are no limits to the number of direct referrals you can get paid for!

you friends associates connections
1person.gif (688 bytes)
$0.40 per hour*
2people.gif (698 bytes)
$0.10 per hour*
per person
3people.gif (1107 bytes)
$0.15 per hour*
per person
6people.gif (1574 bytes)
$0.20 per hour*
per person

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Members earn money each time they launch their GoToWorld browser. The browser also gives users FREE powerful plug-ins: Web Editor, Web Radio, Web MP3 Player, Web TV Tuner, Global Messenger, Gatekeeper, Email and language translation modules for 10 languages (Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Portuguese and Russian) with more coming soon. The browser uses the power of IE4 or IE5 while leaving your original IE4 or IE5 unchanged.

The GoToWorld browser has a dollar sign in the upper right hand corner that activates and deactivates sponsored advertising messages that generate profit-sharing revenues. Members can turn the banner ads off or on at will, choosing to "make money" or "stop making money" anytime they like. The banner ads never take up precious view space, because they are in the top upper bar of the browser away from the viewing area. Advertisers will choose as their top choice to reach affluent Internet consumers as it offers them targeted demographics.

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GoToWorld Search Engine.

GoToWorld search engine is called "The search portal for planet earth" because it uses the power of all the world's best search engines. Users can search six of the most powerful Internet search engines at once! The meta-search capability gives the most comprehensive and accurate searches available. The searches are not limited to English only; a user can also search the most powerful search engines in Japan, China, Europe and S. America. The browser supports Universal Translator™ Plug-ins that allow users to type a key word in English and have it instantly translated to another language, such as Japanese. The Japanese key word will then search the most powerful Japanese search engines and retrieve a Web page that will be translated to English in seconds. The Universal Translator plug-ins can translate any language in any direction. "The true wealth of the Internet is knowledge," says Dr. Yuri Mordovskoi, CTO and co-founder of LanguageForce Inc. "The power of the browser and search engine are their ability not only to make money for members, but to access the knowledge banks of the World Wide Web regardless of language barriers. Our company’s mission 'One World - One Language' will soon be realized by millions of Internet users worldwide."

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About is a free, search portal membership service that is owned by LanguageForce Inc. the inventors of the Universal Translator. The corporate mission "One world - One language" is expressed by global communication products such as: Universal Translatorä, Universal Translator Deluxeä, Universal OCRä, Instant Language 2000ä and UTStarGateä. Founded in 1996, the company is privately owned and headquartered at 1601 East Lincoln Avenue, Orange, California, Tel: 714.279.9080, Fax: 714.279.9368.

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*RATE DISCLAIMER: shares a percentage of the advertising revenues with its members. Advertising revenues are based on 1000 banners viewed (CPM). For example, an advertiser may pay $12 CPM ($12 per 1000 ads). Each banner ad is on a 20 second viewing cycle. If you surf the Internet and have the banner-viewer activated then you will have viewed 180 banners in an hour which you will have been paid .40. When you refer a friend you will also receive a referral reward for which you would receive .10 for each of your friends 1 hour of viewing, .15 for each of their friends referred (per hour they viewed) and .20 for each friend (per hour they viewed) they referred. The examples illustrated are based on a $12 CPM. Advertising rates (CPM) vary according to market demand. does not make any guarantees as to how much a member will be paid. will give its best effort to sell to advertisers the highest possible CPM but can not guarantee results. Monthly CPM averages will be posted and all members will share in the revenues according to monthly CPM average. Members are encouraged to assist in volunteering consumer demographic information (see our Privacy Policy) as it will increase the CPM price of banners on the browser and in turn increase all members earning potential. | | | | | | Gtime marketing,