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Download Links for the RBG gang

To download these files you need 3 things :

1.) You need to have the filesharing program eDonkey/overnet installed on your computer. Get it here

2.) If you are behind a firewall or a router, you get a so called "low ID" which is not good, and you need to make some configurations. Check your ID here

3.) Now you are ready to click one or more of the links below, and you should see the files appear in the "transfers" section i eDonkey. If nothing happens please click the "options" button and then click the "take ed2k links" button and try again.

Now you have done everything you need to do, and all you need is that someone is online with their eDonkey and is sharing the files. Sometimes you need to wait a while for that to happen. That's why it is importent that you keep sharing the files,
and start your eDonkey when you are online, even after you have finished downloading.
That's how this filesharing works. You download from someone, and you let others download from you.

Welcome to the world of electronic-Donkey riders :-)

Description Size min:sec Picture Quality Link for eDonkey / Overnet

Girl mounting a horse
0.5 MB 0:05 Good mounting.avi

Girl feeding a horse an apple
0.6 MB 0:07 Good feeding.avi

Julia Roberts riding a horse
I guess it's provided by TH :-)
15,8 MB 2:30 Excellent J.Roberts_movie_by_TH.avi

Man interviewing a woman
4,6 MB 1:11 ok 01_movie.avi

girl riding
Provided by /Lene
5,08 MB 1:04 Good 200303_01_Horse_Riding.avi

Girl on first riding lesson
Provided by Shamrock
19,68 MB 2:14 Excellent CruInten.avi

Short girl saddling big horse
2,14 MB 0:20 Excellent New_Avi1.avi

Nice view to a girl mounting
0,68 MB 0:08 Bad reach.avi

Oh no, I refuse to describe this one
29,55 MB 2:37 Excellent onhorse.avi

Two girls mounting
0,69 MB 0:08 Ok tvrmas.avi

Girl's first try to mount a horse
1.70 MB 0:25 Good s_23.avi

Another one you have to figure out yourself
13.38 MB 1:52 Ok eg.avi

Girl fiddling with a horse leg
1.23 MB 0:17 Bad Michelle_and_Sheik.avi

Girl talking to someone
1.01 MB 0:14 Ok blondeinthesaddle.avi

Jennifer Lowe Hewitt on a horse ??
26.15 MB 0:45 Good Jennifer Love Hewitt - Vh1 Horseback HQ 2.mpg
Belive it or not.. NOTE : To play in Windows Media Player you need a SVCD codec

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