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Toad's Biography

Toad was born and raised up in the Mushroom Kingdom. Eventually, he grew up and became a royal mushroom retainer, one of the best at the time. Then, one day, King Bowser decided to overthrow the Mushroom Kingdom by kidnapping the 7 best retainers and marrying Princess Peach Toadstool. While Toad was against the horrible lizard monarch, there was nothing Toad could do. Locked away in a castle, Toad had just lost all hope when Mario and Luigi, 2 humans from another dimension, came and saved them. Toad quickly thanked and explained that Peach was in another castle (with his now famous phrase "Thank you Mario/Luigi! But our princess is in another castle!"), and they went on their way. After Mario and Luigi beat the evil Koopa king and saved the kingdom, Toad was put to ease, for awhile at least. Soon, though, Toad, Peach, Mario, and Luigi found themselves in the world of Sub-Con, where Wart was trying to takeover. The four of them resisted Wart's evil reign of terror and eventually defeated the crazy frog with vegetables, and returned back home. Not long after, Bowser had finished his plan for another attempt at taking over the Kingdom and with the help of his Koopa kids, stole the wands from the kings of the world, and in doing so, turned them into animals. Toad decided he would help this time, and ran ahead to give away now classic items, like the whistle and tanooki suit, to the Mario brothers if they were to find him. The brothers eventually won, and the four took a vacation to dinosaur isle, where they met Yoshi, and had another adventure when Yoshi and his sibling were kidnapped. After they returned, Peach decided to hold a go-kart race tournament, and Toad had decided to compete in it, and to everyone's surprise, so did Bowser. Everyone had fun, and after the trophies were handed out, they went back to everyday life. But soon, Toad had to deal with other problems, like Wario, Mario's enemy from awhile back, decided to cause havoc, deep in the woods. Toad, who seemed to be the only one to either notice or care, decided to put the Mario wannabe in his place. Toad was congratulated, but, with the exception of Toad, everyone basically forgot about the whole thing. Months later, Bowser attacked again. It was the overused plot to just kidnap the princess. But when Mario came to save her, it became much different, a much different story. Smithy, who appeared to be a giant sword, fell onto Bowser's Keep, breaking the Star Road, and getting rid of wishes, probably forever. Mario was not going to take this sitting down, and went after him. Toad, knowing it would be to dangerous for him to fight, since he had little experience, decided to give Mario a mushroom and a quick fighting lesson. (He knew how to, he just wasn't strong enough) Even Bowser and Peach had decided to help Mario, which made little Toad feel even worse about his meager help. After Smithy was defeated, and wishes regained, Bowser didn't bother anyone for a long, long, time. But eventually, he was back to his old tricks. This time creating painting worlds to enslave Peach's servents. Toad was terrified, and made sure to give Mario a powerful Star each time they met. After Bowser was defeated, everyone felt like they could use more vacation or some form of relaxation, and so they played in the Mushroom Kingdom Golf Tournament, although, Toad decided not to participate. Well, after they got home they discussed each person's golf skills, which turned to general skills, which turned to a discussion of who was the best. Toad, not having participating in the tournament, suggested a contest be held to decide who was the real superstar. What a mistake Toad had made, because in doing that, while they were all very fun times, he created an endless stream of superstar competitions involving all of the heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom. After these, time passed. Life got boring. Mario looked towards tennis for fun. Everyone thought a friendly game would be great, and Toad commentated. Then, darkness came, and Bowser decided he would play, to kick everyone's butt. Now, it was a tournament. Toad, sick of just watching all of the competitions, decided to join up. The tournament was over, and once more Toad's life returned to normal. Bowser, in his boredom, decided to take the Star Rod and kidnap Peach. With the Star Rod, he was invincible. Mario gathered the seven star spirits and saved the day. Toad helped out only by allowed Mario to sleep in his bed. Later, Mario was kidnapped by Boos, and Luigi was forced to go inside to save him. Toad was there to back him up though, much to Luigi's relief. After Mario was saved, Toad seemed finally able to take a break. What will happen to Toad next? Only time will tell...
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