Eoline Interview

1999 Eoline copyright
He's been called a contemporary Holden Caulfield. The most talented young unknown in Hollywood.
  And one of Leonardo DiCaprio's closest pals. 

  But the way this year is shaping up for Tobey Maguire, it looks like he'll soon be called simply
  red-hot Tobey Maguire. 

  The 23-year-old native of Santa Monica, California, grabbed the attention of critics in 1997 with his
  performance in The Ice Storm, then caught eyes of cineplex-goers in 1998 with a lead role in

  That was just a warm-up for 1999. 

  This fall, Maguire stars alongside Skeet Ulrich, Jonathan Rhys-Meyers and Jewel in Ride With the
  Devil, directed by Ang Lee (The Ice Storm). 

  And later in the year he'll appear in the coveted role of Homer Wells in the film adaptation of John
  Irving's bestselling novel The Cider House Rules. 

  Not bad for a guy who started his career as a kid with two lines on a Rodney Dangerfield HBO

  Obviously, things are going smoothly for Maguire. "Smoothly?" he repeats with his unassuming
  smirk. "I don't know if life is ever smooth, but things are going well." 

  Ah, the gift of understatement. Add that to Maguire's long list of talents. 

                                --Amanda Rudolph

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