Ym Interview

YM (Young and Modern) December 1999 COPYRIGHT

YM: What did you do during downtime while shooting Cider House in England?

TOBEY: I walked around college campuses. I snuck into play auditions for fun and even got a part as a chorus member!

YM: Your new flick, Ride with the Devil takes place during war time - kinda intense. What did the cast do to relax?

TOBEY: Jewel costars, and she strummed her guitar and sang. She has a lovely voice. I can't sing at all, so i was a bit jealous.

YM: Are we gonna see a smooch between you two in the flick?

TOBEY: I don't want to give anything away, so lets just say, not necessarily.

YM: Any smooches for you in real life?

TOBEY: Yeah. My girlfriend's really sweet. She's exploring acting. Sometimes, I want to tell her what to do, but I just have to let her do her own thing.

YM: How did you two meet?

TOBEY: I was out with some people she knew, and she stopped by to say hi. I said "You're the most beautiful girl". I think she was skeptical but amused.

YM: Have you always been such a Romeo?

TOBEY: No! I used to be really shy and insecure with girls. But then I began to participate in life and dance at parties and started talking to people.

YM: What got you through those dating spells?

TOBEY: I've always known that I have a really powerful spirit - and that in life you can have almost anything you want.

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