"Oh my god! Is that TRUE?"

Tobey is listed in the Empire records credits but his scenes as Andre were cut off before it's release.

Maguire teamed up (along with DiCaprio) against Don Plum's producers, actually, to make publicity for himself, but ended up loosing a whole bunch of money...

After Leo's stardom (during the Titanic days) Tobey had decided to stop acting and follow his good pal's life... but (thank god) realised the mistake he was making...)

"The Ice Storm" is not the only movie Tobey made with Dawson's actress Katie Holmes, look up for them in his upcoming flick "Wonder Boys" (Rumors say they have been dating...)

The Cider House Rules has been nominated for 8 oscars ! But Mr. Maguire is still unsure about wether or not he should make an appearance on the big night... (Isn't that what Leo did when Titanic came out?)

Maguire says people have been calling him for interviews... about Leonardo DiCaprio. "They go around asking questions about everything but me. If they want to talk about Leo, all they gotta do, is call him." *nods* Yes, we agree...

Have you seen "Ride with the devil?" I'm sure your answere is no... and here's why!!

After an extremely limited release and a miserable ad campaign by Universal, which made the movie look like a Jewel video, Ride took in less than a million dollars. But Lee's study of Civil War era moral ambiguity was an unseen gem. The story filmed in an epic style that recalls John Ford follows Maguire as a Missouri teen who joins a band of southern guerrillas known as Bushwhackers. Maguire's character struggles to come of age in a country that is itself in a period of adolescence.

Well, that's all for now... stuff on him is not easy to find, let me tell ya... (it's not like making a page about Buffy The Vampire Slayer!!)...

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