Those are the links I mostly take my info from... or stuff that is not related with Tobey (Yeah, I have other interests in life) but that are worth looking at...

Cute Tobey Page
It's really funny. Definetly one of my favorites.

One of the kewlest Tobey pages
That one is almost perfect. Really.

Dawson's Creek Picture Page
As a Dawson's fan, I HAD to put that link!

WB shows Spoilerman
If you are into watching Buffy, Popular, Dawson's Creek, Angel, Charmed or whatever and you just gotta know what's gonna happen in next episode, check out this page.

A cute page dedicated to Pacey and Andie
Again, if you like DC, this page is for you.

Full of everything
If You read french, please check this out. It's my friends page... it has anti Britney Spears, jokes and more. It's really good, I'm telling ya.

Dawson's Creek... again
My friend's page. She"s working really hard and if you are a Joey and Dawson fan... well, this might just be paradise...

VERY IMPORTANT!!! To all of you, Pacey/Andie fans...

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