His next movie - WONDER BOYS

Tobey started shooting "Wonder Boys" in Pittsburgh on February 2nd and finished filming on April 29. It is expected to be released either this Christmas or early next year. The movie is based on Michael Chabon's novel of the same name and is directed by Curtis Hanson ("L.A. Confidential"). According to various sources, including the Pittsburgh Post Gazette, the movie centers on a middle aged novelist and college professor named Grady Tripp (Michael Douglas) and his book editor, Terry Crabtree (Robert Downey Jr). They are the wonder boys of the title, living on their past achievements. Tripp is behind on his deadline for the follow up (which is 2,611 pages and counting) to his successful first novel and Crabtree is about to lose his job. The story is set during a spring-break weekend at a writing conference at Tripp's college. Tripp is in big trouble: His third wife has left him, his mistress - the college's chancellor (played by Fargo's Frances McDormand) - is pregnant, and his novel, called "Wonder Boys," is long overdue. Over a weekend, Tripp and Crabtree try to relive the adventure of their youth, and are joined by one of Tripp's students, James Leer, played by Tobey. Leer is a promising novelist with a tendency to fictionalize his own background. Katie Holmes ("Dawson's Creek", "The Ice Storm") plays Hannah Green, a student who rents a room from her professor and gets to know her inner self, according to EOnline. Richard Thomas ("The Waltons") play's the husband of McDormand's character. Rip Torn ("The Larry Sanders Show") and Philip Bosco also star in the film.

His next movie... SPIDERMAN

Published: Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Tobey Maguire, the droopy-eyed star of ``The Cider House Rules,'' ``The Ice Storm'' and ``Pleasantville'' has been picked to play Spiderman in the upcoming movie. Maguire, 25, apparently made a better web crawler than FREDDIE PRINZE JR. or WES BENTLEY, both reportedly also in the running to play the comic book hero on the big screen. Transforming Maguire into Spiderman hasn't been easy, though. ``They put some kind of grease on my body and then layer after layer of this . . . stuff. When it hardens, they take it off, and it's a bit painful 'cause I have hair on my body,'' the actor said in Time magazine.

Willem Dafoe has committed to star opposite Tobey Maguire in Columbia Pictures' "Spiderman" as the Green Goblin, nemesis of the comic book superhero. Shooting is scheduled to begin in January with director Sam Raimi at the helm.

Based on the Marvel Comics character, the feature film adaptation follows photojournalist Peter Parker (Maguire) who was bitten by a radioactive spider during a science demonstration in high school.

He thus acquired superhuman strength and the agility of a spider as well as clairvoyant powers.

Meanwhile, his next-door neighbor (Dafoe) becomes the Green Goblin after an experimental formula blows up in his face. The formula increases his intelligence and strength but also drives him insane.

James Franco came aboard the project last month to play the Goblin's son, Harry. John Malkovich had previously been considered for the role of the Goblin, but the actor and the studio could not reach an agreement.

Dafoe will next be seen in Lions Gate Films' "Shadow of a Vampire," the Hollywood Gothic tale of the making of the classic "Nosferatu."

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