Launched: September 2002
Last update: 08.24.04
Gentlemen, start your engines! I hope you'll enjoy the ride - and don't forget to fasten your seatbelts...
news & updates:
12/19/05 - Update -
Hey everybody, seems like I did not update this website for decades, I am sorry for that. I know I promised it before, but I will really try to launch a new website in early January next year.  I got a lot of new stuff to show, in fact this website does not feature any of this year's work yet. Until the new website is launched, I will update my Portfolio on constantly. So if you are curious about my recent work, just follow
this link. Thanks for your patient.
Regards, Tobias

11/10/04 - News -
Hi everybody,
so I didn't update this site for a while. I am sorry for that, but school kept me busy. Furthermore a redesign of my website is under construction. It will look much better, no more black background, "lighter" colours generally and some other good looking stuff ;). I will post new sketches when the new site is launched, so please stay patient..
Regards, Tobias
ps: Turin was cool ;).

09/26/04 - news -
Hi everybody,
only two days left until I head for Italy! I am really looking forward to the opening of the Stile Italiano Giovani 2004. After all, when I am back home I promise that there will be a lot of new sketches and a report from my trip to Turin available soon. So stay patient and look forward to Octobre ;)
Regards, Tobias

08/24/04 - holiday news -
Hi everybody, the last month was packed with some really good news. I got an invitation to the exhibition of the Anfia design competition, my design was chosen as one of the twenty finalists. Now that is cool ;).
Furthermore there are some new sketches and renderings about a new Audi Quattro. Take a look...(see Sketches & Illustrations).
Regards, Tobias

07/02/04 - Anfia Design Competition 2004 -
There's a lot of new stuff I made for the Anfia Design Competiton 2004 available. Just take a look at the "Sketches & Illustrations" section or the links below for details:
Board #1
Board #2

Rendering #1
Rendering #2
Rendering #3
Rendering #4

Polychromos Sketch #1
Polychromos Sketch #2
Polychromos Sketch #3
Polychromos Sketch #4
Polychromos Sketch #5

Regards, Tobias

05/17/04 - 5 new ballpoint sketches & updates -
Finally I repaired the "Sketches & Illustrations" section and added five new ballpoint sketches. I decided to start working on a new Flash site. Just stay tuned.

Regards, Tobias
ps: Darn my english, I still need to correct some spelling mistakes. I'll do that later...

05/02/04 - Some (unwanted) updates -
I made some mistakes while updating my "Sketches & Illustrations" section, however I don't have the time to fix them right now. I'll try to fix them within the next days, stay tuned. Thanks for your patient.

Regards, Tobias & updates archive