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Tobi's Biography

BreedGerman Shorthair Pointer
Hometown Wheat Ridge CO
Date of Birth September 17, 1998
Weight 41 lbs
Favorite Activities Squirrel watching in the backyard, Going for a run with me
Favorite Park Tobi preffered the back yard of my house in Wheat Ridge
Favorite Food Science Diet, or whatever was put into her dish
Favorite TreatT-bonz
Favorite Toy Squeaky Bone
Favorite Shows Any Animal Planet show, except for the ones about snakes
Favorite Music Beastie Boys, Run DMC, Paul Oakenfold
Best TrickTap dancing for dinner
Favorite Moments Anytime Tobi met anyone new, people or pet, she loved it. Except Petunia! Petunia is a street cat convert and she could make Tobi yelp or cry in seconds.
Embarassing Moments Falling into the water off the boat. Chasing the cat in the house and sliding on the hardwood floor right into the wall. She hit the wall and nearly knocked herself out!
Likes Playing Tug of War, Cuddling, Chasing Squirrels, Sleeping in bed with Angie, Austin or Wade
My First Day Home What a terror. Pure dynanite in a puppies body. We were so not ready for her energy!
Biotobi was born 9/17/1998, and passed away on 12/20/2005

If you want the best seat in the house ... move the dog

This is a small tribute to the greatest friend I have ever had. Tobi, Princess, Stub - Whatever you called her, she was the most special dog I knew. Tobi in ReclinerMy name is Angie and this is my tribute my princess, Tobi. Please enjoy your time here.

She looks so cute. With her toys, and that tired look on her face. IT'S A LIE!!! This is tobi at 3 months old. She was so much trouble. So much energy! When they say a German Shorthair Pointer is high energy, that is an extreme understatement.

"100 pounds of dynamite in a 40 pound package." That is what Austin always said. He wasn't far off, she was a bundle of energy.

Tobi came to me via an Aunt and Uncle who found her in a puppy mill in Yankton SD. She was a pureblooded German Shorthaired Pointer, but she was the runt of the litter and couldn't be sold. So I got her for no cost, without papers. My Aunt and Uncle kept her until I purchased my first home, which was pending at the time.

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face
Tobi moved to West St Paul MN in December and lived with my Mom. There I was able to come visit each night, play and walk Tobi. Soon after I finalized my home purchase and she moved into her new home on the Westside in St Paul. She finally had a permanent home with me, her own backyard to play in and a neighbor - Brittney - a Springer Spaniel, the only dog ever to keep up with Tobi. They would run for hours, up and down the fence line. And if we let them into a yard, they would tear the grass out in a matter of minutes. We re-seeded the lawn several times over the years and Tobi would never let us down by aerating it to the point of creating mulch out of perfectly fine grass!

Tobi moved with me to Denver in October 2000 and was very excited when she saw her new home. She went to work right away helping me find all the weak spots in the fences. She would jump the low fences (anything under 5 feet) dig under tall fences and squeeze through the gaps where fences met the fence posts. For the record, her sister Casey - a black lab - helped out too. They made a great team.

Tobi Says:
"One fine Sunday Casey and I went for a tour of Denver. We went to the local park, the Dairy Queen, and many other places. It turns out, Angie, Wade and Austin were totally terrified. Flyers went out, ads were placed and a massive dog hunt commenced. All with no luck for them. Casey and I got split up, so I went home. This was on Tuesday night, and believe me, everyone was glad I was back. Guess I should have left a note! The next morning, Angie nearly passed out! As she was walking toward her Jeep she noticed a shadow in the car. It was Casey! She was back, and she brought home a friend. Buddy was his name, and you'll learn about him later." ~Tobi

Wade, Tobi, Casey, Buddy, Petunia and I moved to Wheat Ridge after we closed on our new home. Over 1/2 an acre of backyard for the dogs to play, relax and just generally enjoy. It was amazing. Tobi calmed down, perhaps realizing we were finally home and not going anywhere. She began by removing all squirrels from the yard. After 2 weeks the only squirrels that would come in our yard were visitors. And it didn't take them long to learn they were not allowed in the yard. Tobi would come out to the middle of the yard, and just lay in the sun. All day, everyday. When she would come in at night, the squirrels would return, but as soon as she came out in the morning they were gone again. Ours was the only yard in the neighborhood not innundated with squirrels. It was such a pleasure.

Tobi made anywhere we lived a great home. She had so much energy that you could not help but feel uplifted when she was near you. In July 2005, Tobi was diagnosed with an enlarged heart, and in December 2005 it finally got the best of her. She passed away only 5 days before Christmas. It was one of the toughest losses we have ever encountered. Tobi enabled everyone to endure the full gamet of emotions. Agitation, frustration, anger, disgust, patience, embarrassment, awe, comfort, determination, delight, friendship, guilt, inspiration, joy, nervousness, pain, pride, suspense, torment, vulnerability, amusement and of course LOVE. Not having Tobi in our lives for those 5 incredible years would have created a void in our hearts. Sure without her we wouldn't have known that void was there, but it was an amazing experience. And it is this reason why we have created this site.


German Shorthair Pointers

DOG, n. A subsidiary Deity designed to catch the overflow and surplus of the world's worship

About GSP:

The German Shorthaired Pointers are a lean, well-balanced, high energy hunting dog. The German Shorthaired Pointer is very energetic, smart and willing to please. Cheerful and friendly, they likes children. Loyal and protective, they love all family members equally, especially if they are carrying the leash, car key, gun or Frisbee. They are very people-oriented, and not happy if isolated from the family.


If there are no dogs in heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went
Hunters required a dog with a good nose that would point within a reasonable distance. The German breeding incorporated the Old Spanish Pointer, Hounds of St. Hubert, the Foxhound, other hounds, and eventually the English Pointer, which made it faster and more energetic. Today's German Shorthaired Pointer is the successful result of those efforts. He is a fine natural retriever and an excellent companion Due to the breed's natural ability, German Shorthairs are campaigned successfully in the show ring, obedience and tracking trials, field trials, and hunting tests.


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