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WELCOME TO MY HOMEPAGE written: by Burtz

My name is Burtz and I am a female of Welsh Terrier, I was born on June 04, 1998 in a little countrytown in the north of Italy, it was a magic sunny day, I was the last of 5 puppies (three female and two male), and now I live with my new family (Jane and her husband) in the same countrytown but in a new home.

I arrived to Jane's home in september and suddenly my new home liked me a lot. Jane had bought me new basket, collar, toys, etc. and I had a big house and garden for watching over.
During the day I often take a rest on my favourite arm-chair but as soon as possible I go out for barking at postman, or at some people are passing by my territory. But when sun falling down I'm ready to hunt all kind of animal that lives in my kingdom.


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