There. I am writing again. It’s been months since I last wrote a
decent diary entry - I think it was still first semester then. I can
really be soo lazy sometimes.

A lot of weird things have happened to me in these past month. First, I lost my phone. And then a week after I lost my wallet. It’s like the world is driving me crazy. It’s like someone’s laughing at my own expense.

So probably that’s why I decided to continue the McLaren series. I didn’t intend to abandon the project. In fact, I got stuck with a number of lay-outs I will never ever use again.Finishing this would be a really nice present for my upcoming birthday [yikes, I’m turning 20!]

Well, that’s it. Check the page out regularly for updates. Ciao!

03.25 : Site Relaunch
03.27 : Redemption
04.05 : My Birthday
04.10 : Summer Registration
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