I was born in California with a guitar attached, and have been ruined ever since.  My first recording was at the age of fifteen and became a regional hit.  I was doing concerts at colleges, radio, major Washington D.C. nightclubs and road work.  I went on to play with a major recording group,
The Telstars in Washington, on Columbia recordsKeep on Runnin' was one the songs the group had.

I also played with
Link Wray and the Wraymen in Washington, right after they recorded The Batman theme song.  Playing extensively in the Washington area during the 60's, I also played the Playboy Club Circuit on the east coast for a couple of years.  After meeting up with Jeff Watson in the D.C. area, I moved to New York City and played major Rock musicals like Godspell, The Magic Show and worked at The Mercer Arts Center on Broadway with many other artists like John Hall of Orleans and Hall and Oates.

I also recorded on the Columbia label working on the Movie
Tom Sawyer for Universal Pictures.  Later I recorded with a blues artist, Billy Durso from the Conn. area and Al Anderson who was voted in the top 100 guitar players in the world, and is now a successfull #1 songwriter in Nashville. 

After leaving the New York area I moved to the quiet countryside in West Virginia where I  performed with many artists like
The Sweethearts Of The Rodeo, Faron Young and too many at this time to mention.  Next, I was called to California to work with another artist, Chris Montgomery and Neon Moon and took second place in the true value contest in Nashville. 

After coming back home to take care of my parents in their failing years, I went to Georgia and worked with another artist,
C.B. Wilson and recorded an album with him.  Working with Tony Copely on another project, I went to Nashville to do concerts at Fan Fair and worked with another group until I got a call to go to Texas where I am presently working with a recording artist named Joey D who you will be hearing of soon.  You can check out her site at www.sesamerecords.com and see why I am there.

I believe if you keep the faith in what you are doing you will make it, It's not a new saying but it works for me. Peace To You All.

Toby Taylor