Thursday Da Mom looked into my handsome boy face and said..."ooo, I'm gonna take you with me today!" Yippeee.

I don't know wheres we goin but I knows out cause my sleep box is at the door and dat thing wif the bell is on my back!! Hurrrrry, she's so slow, guess I'll bounce at da cat....that'll shake her up...hehehehe. On our way.
I loves da car it puts me to sleep too. Here we is...OH NO...she's talkin again and I'm not even out of da car!

OH OH...someone asking if she has a ferret...why??? cause she has the sign on her car window says I love my ferret?
Hmmm Oh boy I didn't knows that! Da Mom just told her it is "Take your ferret to work day!" Must be true cause Da Mom is not smiling and da lady is saying "oh, I see"

I KNOW dis place! It's good cause it has a smelly hole right out front of the door and OH LOOOK...toilets outside! (yes beside the Office door waiting for pickup sits two toilets and a sink! remember da Mom works in a Co-op, they replace items and she has them picked up for the dump)

Wow da first time I came here da Mom wouldn't let me off my leash and had to go everywhere with me! Ok so I was a baby and ate everything and licked things but I just tasted! Now I'm a big guy and she let me run all over.

OHHHH smell, smell, smell. Don't smell like our house! AND it's nice and dusty too! Yep, gots a toilet...nothing inside...yep, gots a fridge and stove..Eeeeeek...oh boy a big noise but da Mom picked me up and of course she has to smooch and then shows me a big 'chine...hmmm interesting...
papers coming out...wonder if I climb in that top part that whole bunches of me will come out!

Oh yeah I member her Office. lots of papers all over and 'nother one of does picture things on da desk. I helpin Ma...I can make dis go...Oh PHONE...I'll get it, I'll just knock it of it's thing...oops...Da Mom's Boss...Da Prez she call him...OH OH

OK, here I is right on the desk looking into these neat hidey holes Da Mom keep there and she's at the door with that little box that flashes, except when I run to it and put my nose on the glass thing...and the Prez walks in!

Da Mom says, run, hide, oh wees caught! He says...Boy he grew into a big guy. Da Mom reminds him bout me not liking strangers touching and he says it's ok so I give him a little taste...he says See he just's I give him the chomp in that soft spot they don't like ya to chomp, but not bad cause I know Da Mom thinks he's OK.

So I get down and he has new smells, shoes, pants...hey I think I wanna go up there...OH BOY, he's letting me...heeheehee NIP...tender spot dook dook...good one dook dook. But they two are laughin and Da Mom has to put her hand up his pant leg to get me out! I guess he is ok.

OH OH, nap time. In the sleep box. They talk and talk and he goes way and Da Mom goes in and I hear cliky click. I wanna go OUT...I wanna go OUT...she nice mom.

Outside I gets to play in dese Toilets...lots of leaf things and da sink...ooooo Aaaaakkkkakakaka Hellllllllp..Woooo that was scarey! I'm just lookin at dis pipe thing and a smellin and it jumped right on my neck and scared me sos I jump and roll and Da Mom saves me again! I sit on Da Mom for a long time for me but den...wouldn't you know it...Nap Time!

OK, den we gets all da stuff and puts it in da all da work she did not do even wif my help and she will have to do on the weekend!

We keeps stopping and Da Mom hops out and comes back...quick like and THEN we are at dis place and she lets me out in some grass but I can hear lots a cars. I tink she wants me to poop but I only poop at home yas know. I'm a good boy she says.
She is getting sometink out of dis truck thingy...OOOOO I LOVES French Fries...awww come on ay, hot what's hot, look at your big chip and my...what is this a taste??? You are taking all the chips and giving me...I can't even find it if I drop it...ok we did get chips from da chip truck and I heard
her say that word when she dumped half of em trying to get me in da car!

I must have been out forever wif her.

Toby the Kouri Kanadian Rep

OH yep and PS I saw my big picture at her work and another little card. He was cute trying to be like me wif a hat, and when da Mom read me da card she gots all misty eyed. It said sumptin about not being mad but wanted to send this camera...I guess dats da flashy ting she was using when I was on da phone...I know da Mom says she shouldn't have but I know what was in her heart...tanks Auntie Judy and now I'm sorry I broke dat scanner ting...myabe da Mom can have another look at it...and I'LL HELP!!

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