Dave Matthews Band
The Best of the 1999 Summer Tour

Versions of each song were picked by Bill Huffsteder (bhuffste@aagcorp.com), Rob 
Bokon (BokonR@fuse.net) and Clint Hepfner (Hepfeee@aol.com).

The actual discs were compiled, .shn'ed and uploaded by Rob Bokon (BokonR@fuse.net)

Cover art was done by Nathan Tilton.

Thanks to all the tapers, converters and original shn'ers for all the work that made this possible.

Please keep all of the info files with the show when you upload to other sites, and 
if you trade the set, e-mail them the info files so everyone knows where everything 
came from, and all the tapers can get their just due.


1. What's your purpose?

-----The purpose is to represent at leastt one (sometimes more) versions of every song 
played during the 1999 Summer tour.  Not only that but every guest is represented from 
Butch Taylor to the Flecktones.  If there is something strange about a particular version 
of a song, such as Too Much (tease) > Ants Marching 7.9, it will represented along with 
a regular version of the song.  We tried to use as many different venues and regions as 
possible, so if you think the Two Step and Angel are amazing from Nissan Pavillion, the 
Song That Jane Likes is more unique from there, so we looked elsewhere for those, lest the 
whole show from there or 6.24 be on the set.

2. Is this a kind of ego trip?

-----Sure, but it's also something that wwe enjoy, and something that I'm sure you will too.

3. Why isn't PBS or Farm Aid included on here?

-----They are more of a Fall tour thing iinstead of the Summer.  Other than that, no good reason.

4. Why aren't there songs from __________ (venue) included?

-----Well unless it's 5.4 or 6.9, which wwe don't have yet, we didn't feel there was anything 
spectacular about them, remember it's all preference.  Secondly, quality of the recording 
is very important to us as well.  Seek Up from 6.4 is pretty amazing, but the recording is 
a little distant, so we passed on it.

5. Did you guys listen to every version of every song in order to pick these?

-----Sort of.  If the quality wasn't goodd, or there was a cut, or pop, or someone in the 
band absolutely spaces out to the point where the song is unrecognizable (ala Dave during 
Pig 5.9) then it was immediately scrapped.  We also got a little advice from other people 
in the know such as, but not exclusively Avi and Dave Eisenberg on a few tunes.

6. Do the shows you guys went to have any bearing on which version was selected?

-----Yup, but not if there's a much betteer one.  For instance 6.3 was the first time I heard 
my favorite song, Say Goodbye, live.  So even though Carter's last downbeat is slightly off, 
the lyrics rock, and sentimental value is extreme.

7. Why are there three versions of Don't Drink the Water on here?

-----Well, the first DDTW is on there forr Bartender's sake.  It's impossible to make it sound 
good when you take just Bartender by itself and try to do a fade out or the like.  The second 
is there because Alanis Morrisette guests on it.  One of the purposes of the set is to include 
every guest from the tour.  Unfortunetely Alanis only guested on one song (which wasn't Spoon, 
damn it).  So in order to complete our goal, this version of this song, even though you can 
hardly hear her, is on here to fulfill that requirement.  The third version ends the set 
appropriately as it ended the tour.  Likewise, What Would You Say opened the tour so it opened 
the set.

8. What's gonna happen to me if I mp3 this?

-----My take is that first I'll come kickk your ass, then every single person who taped one of 
the songs that's on this set will come kick your ass one by one.

9. You guys are dorks.


--Rob, Bill and Clint

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201