Dave Matthews Band
June 27, 1992 (?)
unknown venue - unknown location

Taper:		unknown
Source Info:	unknown

Conversion:	unknown
Equipment:	unknown
CD>WAV>SHN:	David Baty using EAC v0.85b4 @ 1x


Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		jam -->					04:38.03
d1t02		Exodus --> jam -->			14:59.00
d1t03		One Sweet World				05:19.20
d1t04		jam * 					21:25.46
d1t05		jam -->					05:14.64
d1 totals 51:38.33

* This has a definate #36ish flavor to it in the beginning before it moves on to la-la land.

I am 0% sure of the date.  6/27/92 is simply what it was labeled as when it was sent to me.
All I know is that this is pure wholesome DMB jamming goodness which is very rare and quite enjoyable.

Please realize that the lineage of this show is unknown.  Despite that, I figured the nature
of the played material made it worth its release.

At the end of track #4 Dave gives props to Oteil Burbridge on bass and Mike Durham(?) on guitar

Compiled by: David Baty (dbaty@usermail.com)

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201