Dave Matthews Band
The Floodzone
Richmond, VA
October 14, 1992

Taper:		Steve Jones
Source Info:	DSBD --> Master Soundboard Cassette (Nak BX 100 w/Dolby B)

Analog -> DAT:	Mark Lynn
		Nakamichi CR 7 --> Lucid AD9624 (AES/EBU out) --> Fostex D5 (48kHz)

DAT -> CD:	Mark Lynn
		Fostex D5 --> Tascam CDRW700

CD -> SHN:	Louie Rendek 
		Plextor 8x20 and EAC 0.85b4 secure mode:  all tracks 100%

**  seeded by Rob Hartman  and Louie Rendek 

Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		Intro -->				01:48.58
d1t02		Satellite				05:24.69
d1t03		Song That Jane Likes			04:07.06
d1t04		Best Of What's Around			06:56.73
d1t05		Pay For What You Get			05:27.44
d1t06		Tripping Billies			05:05.02
d1t07		Jimi Thing 				10:18.73
d1t08		Typical Situation (Boyd intro)		13:20.26
d1t09		So Much To Say -->  			05:13.29
d1t10		Two Step				08:20.19

d1 totals 						66:03.24

d2t01		Lie In Our Graves  			02:57.35
d2t02		I'll Back You Up			04:31.27
d2t03		Minarets 				06:23.03
d2t04		Recently				11:55.43
d2t05		Jam					03:21.42
d2t06		What Would You Say			04:38.45
d2t07		Spotlight				06:28.44
d2t08		Ants Marching				06:26.48
d2t09		E:  Cry Freedom				02:54.68
d2t10		E:  Warehouse  				08:14.21

d2 totals 						57:52.01

The sound cuts out for 21 seconds in d1t04.  It sounds like a board problem since there
is a spot where the sound comes back on at lower volume.

There is a split second spot of diginoise in d2t04.

Remember, this came from an analog master, so there are tape flip spots that have
fadeouts.  These come after d1t07 and d2t03

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201