Dave Matthews Band
The Floodzone
Richmond, VA
February 4, 1993

Taper:		Mark Lynn
Source Info:	DSBD --> Master Soundboard Cassette (Onkyo TA 2600 w/Dolby C HX Pro)

Analog -> DAT:	Mark Lynn
		Nakamichi CR 7 --> Lucid AD9624 (AES/EBU out) --> Fostex D5 (48kHz)

DAT -> CD:	Mark Lynn
		Fostex D5 --> Tascam CDRW700

CD -> SHN:	Louie Rendek 
		Plextor 8x20 and EAC 0.85b4 secure mode:  all tracks 100%

**  seeded by Rob Hartman  and Louie Rendek 

Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		Intro					00:22.54
d1t02		Granny #				04:50.50
d1t03		What Would You Say			06:25.53
d1t04		Help Myself				05:06.35
d1t05		Lie in our Graves 			06:30.27
d1t06		So Much To Say 				06:54.45
d1t07		Seek Up					09:09.10
d1t08		Halloween				06:34.44
d1t09		Recently 				08:07.65
d1t10		Warehouse (Wild Thing)			08:33.66
d1t11		I'll Back You Up			05:56.04
d1t12		Rhyme And Reason # 			03:28.19

d1 totals 						71:59.67

d2t01		Best Of What's Around #			04:25.06
d2t02		Satellite				05:51.45
d2t03		One Sweet World				05:38.03
d2t04		Two Step				12:10.47
d2t05		True Reflections 			06:18.51
d2t06		Intro/Ants Intro			02:33.43
d2t07		Ants Marching 				04:19.13
d2t08		All Along The Watchtower 		10:42.48
d2t09		E:  Pay For What You Get		04:46.42
d2t10		E:  Minarets -->			06:39.32
d2t11		E:  Blue Water (cut)			10:14.56

d2 totals 						73:40.11

#  Dave solo

There was a tape flip at the very end of Recently and the beginning couple seconds of
Warehouse were missing.

Because of a tape flip, I had to create an extra intro track on disc two before d2t07.

The sound cuts out right at the very end of d2t07, i edited out the blank space.

The sound comes right back on for the beginning of d2t08.

There are two split second spots of diginoise in d2t07.

Blue Water (d2t10) is cut toward the very end of the song and is faded.

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201