Dave Matthews Band
December 29, 1994
Grady Cole Center
Charlotte, NC

Source:		DSBD
DAT > SHN:	Archive Python DDS/vdat > .wav (Direct DAT extraction, no soundcard)
		Bill Lakenan  and Louie Rendek 

Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		Intro					01:08.02
d1t02		Carter drum intro			00:56.20
d1t03		#36 -->					07:59.45
d1t04		Ants Marching				07:17.14
d1t05		Dancing Nancies -->			08:49.61
d1t06		Warehouse				11:20.05
d1t07		Song That Jane Likes			05:26.25
d1t08		True Reflections			07:46.46
d1t09		Jimi Thing				15:28.00

d1 totals 						66:12.23

d2t01		Proudest Monkey jam # %  -->		05:51.73
d2t02		Satellite				05:49.74
d2t03		I'll Back You Up			06:08.73
d2t04		Minarets				10:06.35
d2t05		What Would You Say			05:59.74
d2t06		Rhyme And Reason			05:34.32
d2t07		Recently				07:58.09

d2 totals 						47:29.70

#	the beginning first few notes of this are a Rapunzel tease...
%	first time played, words are very different...

There is a split second spot of diginoise in WWYS.

There was a dropout between R&R and Recently that i edited out.  Recently starts where
	the dropout ended, so the song starts abruptly.

There is a split second spot of diginoise in Recently.

This agrees with the setlist from DMBTA.  The DAT had two minutes of Tripping Billies on
	it after Recently, but considering Dave says "goodnight" after Recently and the
	DMBTA has the show as ending with Recently, Billies was not included and must
	have been filler.

* compiled by Louie Rendek  - February 13, 2001

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201