Dave Matthews Band
July 03, 2000
Three Rivers Stadium - Pittsburgh, PA

Taper:  Mike Sarnovsky (sarnovsky.4@osu.edu)
Source: Audio Technica AT853 Cardiods -> BRBox @ 195Hz -> 
	Zefiro InBox -> Sony POC-DA12P -> Sony TCD-D7	
Setup:  ORTF 20 degrees, 5 inch vertical spacing, 17' high
        mics pointed at left stacks

Location:  Sec 107, Row A (1st row slightly left)

Conversion:  Mike Sarnovsky (sarnovsky.4@osu.edu)
Equipment:   TCD-D7 -> Sony POC-DA12P -> 
	     Turtle Beach Montego II Digital I/O -> CD

Disc One:

01:	Introduction
02:	What Would You Say
03:	The Song That Jane Likes
04:	Rhyme And Reason
05:	Crash Into Me
06:	Too Much
07:	Grey Street

Disc Two:

01:	Say Goodbye
02:	#41
03:	#36 #
04:	Long Black Veil #
05:	All Along The Watchtower

Disc Three:

01:	Satellite
02:	Drive In Drive Out !!
03:	Busted Stuff #
04:	Stay #
05:	Grace Is Gone
06:	Two Step *

-  entire set with Butch Taylor

*  The fireworks at the end of the show are audible at the 
   end of Two Step

#  w/ the Lovely Ladies

!! I missed the last 30 seconds of DIDO when the preamp 
   battery died.  I know this sucks, but this could be the 
   best source.  Sorry guys.  It rained like hell and it 
   was almost impossible to tape from that close with how
   rowdy the crowd was.  Batteries were the last thing on my 
   mind, safety of the rig was more important to me then.

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201