Dave Matthews Band
May 8, 2001
Thompson-Boling Arena
Knoxville, TN

Source:		Earthworks SR-71 > Sound Devices MP-2 > ad500 > D8
		Henry Hart

Conversion:	DA-P1 > COAX/Toslink converter > Zoltrix > Nightengale Toslink in >
		Cool Edit Pro > CDWav > MKWact
		Henry Hart

Disc One:

01.	Intro
02.	When The World Ends
03.	Granny
04.	Warehouse
05.	Angel
06.	Grey Street
07.	What You Are
08.	Jimi Thing
09.	Bartender
10.	JTR

Disc Two:

01.	Everyday
02.	If I Had it All
03.	What Would You Say?
04.	Grace Is Gone
05.	So Much To Say ->
06.	Anyone Seen the Bridge ->
07.	Too Much
08.	All Along the Watchtower
09.	Angel From Montgomery
10.	Tripping Billies

*	During "What Would You Say?" I accidentally bumped the left channel knob on the
	ad500.  The level was red hot for about a minute during the solos at the end.  I
	fixed it as best as I could in Cool Edit.

*	Special thanks to Scott McPherrin for the ad500 and Dan Troy for his D8.

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201