Dave Matthews Band
8 April 2002
Fleet Center
Boston, Massachusetts

Taper: Chris Jones 
Source: DPA 4011 > DPA AO0182 XLR > Apogee Trak2 (@ 24/44.1) > Canare DA-206 AES-S/PDIF Interconnect > Metric Halo Mobile I/O 2882 +DSP FireWire Interface (@ 24/44.1) > Apple iBook G3/600 > MOTU DP 3.02
Location: Section F Row 1 Seats 1 + 2
HD > .shn: Apple iBook G3/600 > Apple Power Mac G4 DP800 > DP 3.02 > shntool 1.01

d1t01  Introduction
d1t02  So Much To Say*
d1t03  When The World Ends*
d1t04  Granny*
d1t05  Drive In Drive Out*
d1t06  Lover Lay Down*
d1t07  Too Much*
d1t08  Grace Is Gone*
d1t09  Rhyme And Reason*
d1t10  Lie In Our Graves*

d2t01  Digging A Ditch*
d2t02  Grey Street*
d2t03  Warehouse*
d2t04  Where Are You Going*
d2t05  I Did It*
d2t06  Intro To...*
d2t07  The Space Between*
d2t08  What Would You Say*

* Featuring Butch Taylor

Compiled by Chris Jones 
9 April 2002

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201