Dave Matthews Band
August 27, 2002
UMB Bank Pavilion (Riverport Amphitheater)
Maryland Heights, MO

Taper: Joe Shambro

Source:	Oktava MC012 > Edirol UA5 (Oade modified) > PCM-M1 > M1 > S/PDIF > Montego II+ > Samplitude (48>44.1) > CDWave > MKWAct

Tapers: Jon Ice (ice@justdmb.com)

Source:	AKG ck61 (cardiod caps) > Active Cables > JK LABS DVC > 24 bit Mod SBM-1 > M1 @ 48k > DAT > Tascam DA-30  > Digital Coax > Audiowerk2 > Samplitude > Cool Edit Pro > MKW Audio Compression Tool

Disc 1:	

t01: So Much To Say
t02: Anyone Seen The Bridge?
t03: Too Much
t04: Grace Is Gone
t05: Rhyme & Reason
t06: Kit Kat Jam
t07: One Sweet World
t08: Lover Lay Down
t09: The Stone
t10: #41

Disc 2:

t01: Say Goodbye
t02: Lie In Our Graves
t03: Satellite
t04: Where Are You Going?
t05: Drive In Drive Out
t06: All Along The Watchtower
t07: Gravedigger
t08: Grey Street


This is a 2002-08-27 DAUD Matrix.  
Butch Taylor on keyboard during entire set. (Duh!)

This show was:
1537 megs as WAV Lossless Compression
1003 megs as SHN Lossless Compression
??? megs as RKA Lossless Compression
     1st tracks on each CD were appended to "Intro" tracks for convenience
                         DO NOT ENCODE TO LOSSY FORMATS                         
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