Dave Matthews Band
Saturday  Sep 8 2002 
Gorge Amphitheatre

Taper: Craig Willoughby 
Source:  Neumann AK40> Neumann LC-3 Active> Neumann KM100> Lunatec V2 > 
         Audio Magic Presto XLR > Sonic AD2K+ > EMagic 2|6 > Apple iBook > Coaster
Conversion: Apple iBook> Peak LE >Shorten
Location: Section B Row 4 Seats 1,2  stand 8' high.

Disk 1

02.Pantala Naga Pampa 
04.Grey Street 
06.If I Had It All 
08.Song That Jane Likes 
09.The Space Between 

Disk 2
01.Seek Up 
02.Proudest Monkey 
03.Too Much 
04.Digging a Ditch 
05.Lie In Our Graves 

Disk 3
01.Lover Lay Down 
02.Grace Is Gone 
03.Stefan Intro
04.(Dreaming Tree) 
06.Crowd Noise before encore 
07.Dave Speak (about last stop)
08.E:Long Black Veil 
09.E:Carter Intro
11.E:Tripping Billies 

Notes: Long Black Veil w/ Dave Matthews and LeRoi More on Sax.
Halloween w/ Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stefan Lessard.

Stand was only 8" high, due to dvd filming restrictions. 
Mics were pointed to the side of stage crowd monitors, hence the lack in bass,
and the loud crowd.

compiled on 9/10/02 by Craig Willoughby

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201