Dave Matthews Band
November 11, 1992
Charlottesville, VA

Taper:		unknown
Source Info:	DMIX

DAT > CD:	Mike Vernal
Equip:		Sony R500 > Audiomedia III > Pro Tools 4.3.2 >
		Panasonic 7502 (burn/extract)


Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
Set I:
d1t01		Halloween				0:06:12.42
d1t02		Pay For What You Get			0:04:17.66
d1t03		Lie In Our Graves			0:05:09.70
d1t04		Spotlight				0:05:54.62
d1t05		One Sweet World				0:05:13.82
d1t06		Satellite				0:05:36.57
d1t07		Ants Marching				0:05:17.52
d1t08		Boyd jam/Stefan jam			0:07:37.61
d1 totals 45:29.22

d2t01		Jimi Thing				0:10:43.98
d2t02		What Would You Say?			0:06:37.98
d2t03		Tripping Billies			0:04:48.42


d2t04		Warehouse				0:07:48.04


d2t05		Best Of What's Around			0:06:43.08
d2t06		So Much To Say				0:04:27.96
d2t07		The Maker				0:05:29.82
d2 totals 46:39.28

The show is most likely a DMIX of SBD and mics, because the audience is more vocal
and more easily heard than a typical SBD show.  I am assuming that the show is a DMIX.

The only site that has a setlist for this show is:


They list the show ending at Warehouse and Dave certainly says,
"good night everybody" for the last time after Warehouse here.  The other songs were
on the DAT and each have breaks in between and sound noticeably different from the rest
of the show, so I am assuming that these are filler.

There is a slight click in d1t02 around 3:24, there is a 2 second dropout between d1t07
and d1t08 and there is a small click in d1t08 around 7:32, all of which were on the DAT
and are barely noticeable.

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201