Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds 

source: akg 460/ck61>mv100>dap1 

conversion: allan chen 
sony r300>sek'd prodif plus>samplitude>cdwav 

**no DAE. dat>wav>shn 

Disc 1: 

01: Intro 
02: One Sweet World 
03: Recently* 
04: Dancing Nancies 
05: Lie In Our Graves 
06: Nature->Tripping Billies 
07: Proudest Monkey-> 
08: Satellite 
09: The Song That Jane Likes 
10: #41 

Disc 2: 

01: So Much To Say 
02: Tangerine 
03: What Would You Say-> 
04: Minarets-> 
05: Typical Situation 
06: Dare Devil Story Part #1 
07: I'll Back You Up 
08: Jimi Thing-> 
09: What Will Become of Me 
10: Dare Devil Story Part #2 
11: Crash Into Me 
12: Weight of The World 
13: Stream 

Disc 3: 

01: Janine^ 
02: Pay For What You Get 
03: Say Goodbye 
04: Two Step 
05: Granny 
06: Christmas Song 
07: Ants Marching 
08: Little Thing (Story Intro) 
09: Angel From Montgomery 
10: Cry Freedom 

* = W/ Some Do/Don't intro and Norwegian Wood outro 

^ = Played over the PA by Jeff Thomas and Dave and Tim 
do a 
Little improv Dance number. Song was not covered. 

there are a number of issues with this recording. however, the show is rare enough that it was worthwhile to convert the show anyway. here goes: 
-brickwalling during loud audience parts.. nothing can be done about that 
-dropout right as Tim starts into stream.. edited out. 
-because of brickwalling, I cross-faded tthe encore break. 

compiled by allan chen 

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201