Dave Matthews Band (Without Boyd)
Unknown - Presumably 1991-1993

source info:	Unknown.  Dat->CD would be my best guess.

CD->eac->shn by Jeff Pilcicki

An MP3 of track 5 is around, but that is the only one due to how rare it is.  

Track 	|		Name			|	Time (m:s)
d1t01		Warehouse				05:22
d1t02		Pay For What you get			04:02
d1t03		Lie In Our Graves			04:45
d1t04		Rhyme And Reason			04:44
d1t05		MacHead/Kind Intentions**		04:37
d1t06		Granny***				03:12
d1t07		Granny#					05:16
d1 totals 31:58

*This CD was originally labeled 1993 studio demo, but after re-listening to it
 and listening for Peter I noticed that Boyd was missing during the demo as well.
 I honestly don't know how I missed that before.  This leads me to believe that the
 CD was recorded in 1991, before they found a need for a violin.  Granny is the song
 that debuted last live, debuting in fall of 1992.  If anybody has more insight to the
 date, I'd be happy to hear them.

**This is the "Kind Intentions Jam" played at a soundcheck in February of 1994.
  That copy of the song is about ten minutes long, and has very few lyrics.  This
  version is definatly more evolved. The song came labeled as MacHead, but nobody
  knows if that is the song for sure.

***Something goes wrong a few seconds in, and they start it over again.

#Granny is played once again, longer, and "fuller" sounding.  At about 2:35 static
 is heard, and lasts until the end of the song.  It sounds like it could be something
 Carter is doing on the drums, but most likely not due to the "warble" sound around 3:16

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compiled by Jeff Pilcicki

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201