Dave Matthews
January 5, 1992
Rutabaga Studio

Source info is not known except for that it is all 
straight from DAT.

CD>AAE>SHN:Justin Stiegert

Note:	Tracks 1-11 are straight from the DAT from the studio.
Filler:	Track 12 is from the same DAT, but from a different, unknown recording.
	Tracks 13-18 are live solo tracks(dates are shown below).

[Falco98's editor notes: i'm pretty sure track 12 is NOT from the
 same tape as the rest, it sounds really different in terms of
 reverberation and ambient sound, at least upon close inspection.
 Therefore it has been moved to the 'filler' category.
 ALSO: I've switched the last 2 tracks, because 
 A) that makes the chronological order continuous and 
 B) because say goodbye's sound quality is higher.]

Disc 1
d1t01 Best of What's Around 			03:25
d1t02 Recently 					03:42
d1t03 Cry Freedom 				05:08
d1t04 Tripping Billies 				03:50
d1t05 Song that Jane Likes 			02:56
d1t06 I'll Back You Up 				02:58
d1t07 What Would You Say 			03:06
d1t08 After Her					03:06
d1t09 Lover Lay Down 				03:23
d1t10 One Sweet World 				02:49
d1t11 Typical Situation 			03:18

d1t12 Dancing Nancies(no date)			04:14
d1t13 Heathcliff's Haiku Warriors(3/23/93) 	03:36
d1t14 Two Step(3/23/93) 			04:35
d1t15 Minarets(3/23/93) 			04:03
d1t16 All Along the Watchtower(3/23/93) 	04:16
d1t17 Ryhme and Reason(11/02/93) 		03:39
d1t18 Say Goodbye(11/17/93) 			05:55

Total: 68:07

    Source: geocities.com/todd_29201