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Welcome to my new home on the web. Please pardon my dust as I make changes and decorate my new home!:)

Ok, besides the pics, I am sure you want some kind of information on this guy. Well, I currently live in Kenosha, Wisconsin. I grew up and lived in Burlington for 21 years, finally spreading my wings this last year to a big move to Kenosha (yeah right). I enjoy it here, and I have made some terrific new Friends as you will see in my webpage. Currently, I am unemployed, living off my severance package. The company I worked for, went under a few weeks ago. I am actively looking for a job, so if anyone knows of anything (HINT HINT!). Other than that my life is BORING! Yeah, I am gay, so I guess its not all that boring!:)

Anything else you want to know, feel free to email me at

Enjoy the ride!

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