4/11/03 : I haven't had much time or desire to update this much. but most of everything here still applies. :) I should be graduating from ASU (Arizona State University) with my BSE (batchelor of science in engineering) in CSE (computer system engineering) after next semester.   The end is in sight !

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2/21/02 addition: I made a fun little JavaScript game.
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Last updated: Jan 14, 2002
Hi y'all. I'm back in school- ASU that is, couple years to go still ah reckon.
and I'm married. whoa.

The home page of

Sign my guestbook, but look at all the cewl stuff too. Then view or sign my guestbook again. (links at the bottom) I added a list of all my wedding pics, but they all show up real big on the computer. You've gotta keep them that big so when you print them, they print the actual size of our proofs.
music is the spice of life old Oscar- he's the greatest my man Calvin AAH! a bomb !
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Here are the places to visit--just click on any of these links and it will load into that frame over there----->
just remember on a 28.8 modem like I have, it usually loads 3k per sec, so I put the size of each one if ya wanna figure how long it'll take to load.

Wedding Pictures- This will load into it's own window.
Just click on one of the "thumbnails" (small preview pictures) to see the full size. Remember big files take longer.
Here's Becky's little webpage.

and now for old family pictures:

6. Look out, here's our whole darn family- Christmas 1999. Top: Todd-23, Dayla-19, Kevin-21, Rusty-17 Bottom: Angie-9, Mommy, Daddy - 33k
7. Here's some kiss the girl music. - 16k + 63k picture + time for quicktime to load into webpage
8. Here's the kids, all young and innocent... Rusty, Todd, Kevin, Dayla, and little Angie - 14k
9. Here's the skaterbro Rusty. He used to be real into it but now he's done wit that, he's into drumming an stuff now. - 34k
10. Man, look at these beautiful women (my mom and my sister) - 27k

Here's some more on the crazier side:

11. My sister, little Angie, is such a cutie - 165k
12. My bro Rusty has lost his head !!! - 16k
13. We kids all get confused pretty easily ....... - 95k
14. Now you know me .. I can get pretty wacko sometimes.. - 71k

K, I've got some more miscellaneous stuff here now...

15. Here's some stories of my life, if you care to know about it. - 3 pics 28k + 47k + 34k = 109k
16. This is Dayla, Emily, and Angie, las tres amigas quienes estan locas - 18k
17. here's Eric, the man. - 29k
some more old friends: 18. Me and Cory, - 19k
19. and another Cory. - 17k
Here's some more of my old buddies findin our way in the world today-
20. Matt (Shaggy) South - 32k
21. Robert (Bob) Moorefield - 75k
22. here's some cewl stuff ya oughta know - 2 pics 6k + 8k = 14k
23. Here am I. mission picture. getting ready to go out to Georgia for 2 years.
My picture only gets worse after this. - 7k
24. This here sunday school story is way way fun. - 1 pic=34k
25. ah, darling little Angie! 8 years old - 21k
26. oh boy am I silly! - 181k
27. You can say that again. - 74k

** back to the starter story...

By the way, the name's Todd. I moved in on June 8, 1998 at 1:26 pm -- before yahoo took over geocities and all that. Up above you see the links to all the stories, pictures, music, enertainment galore. aren't you lucky to have found my webpage. seriously.

Here's something from the last time this was updated in June 2000:
Now let me tell you a little bit about the man behind the webpage. The man is really a big kid actually. but he turned 23 last Nov 3 and is gettin scared. He doesn't wanna grow up. I'll stay single for another year or two I'm sure.. oops I switched to 1st person, oh well..

I'm extremely blessed and undeserving of all the Lord's given me, but very grateful, and humbled, most of the time, I hope, by all I have- friends, family, church, school, work, home, love, health and strength, talents, gifts, knowledge, feelings, choices, my own room!, parents who let me stay in their house still, awesome brothers and sisters, the chance to serve, the blessing to have served a mission in Georgia for two of the best years of my life, I tell you I've got it all and don't deserve half of it. But I know the Lord lives, and He loves me. So many others don't have the same blessings I do but still the Lord is there watching over every one of them. He is aware. I wish I was more often...

Well look what I just did, kind of got carried away there.. sorry to those who maybe didn't wanna hear all that, but ya gotta say what ya feel --

well now, wasn't that fun.

Guess what- you are visitor number Boy am I popular, harhar to my page.

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