Go to- Backstage Passes
Backstage Passes Well, Eighteen of them anyway.

Go to- Discs
Discs These are 30 images of 45RPM singles, albums, picture discs or CDs that are out of the ordinary, or cool for some reason.

Go to- Picture Sleeves
Picture Sleeves These are images of 45RPM picture sleeves. "Open My Eyes" to "Parallel Lines", 15 of them.

Go to- Promo Photos
Promo Photos The 8X10 album promo type. "Ra" to "Ringo", eleven of them.

Go to- Buttons
Buttons These are images of Todd pins or buttons. 17 and I didn't scan mine yet.

Go to- Tour Posters
Tour Posters Todd and Utopia Tour Posters. Collect all 26!

Go to- Album Posters
Album Posters Promo Posters for specific albums. 11 on the wall.

Go to- Other Posters
Other Posters Well, they're not album posters or tour posters. 4 posters and a poster/calander.

Go to- Tour Programs
Tour Programs Live concert programs. Nine, plus six Nexus booklets.

Go to- Ads
Ads These are mostly Cashbox ads. Twenty two different ones!

Go to- Sheet Music
Sheet Music Well, it's sheet music. Seven nice ones.

Go to- Magazines
Magazines These are images of 52 magazine covers, 21 with Todd on the cover. If I clipped them from the web, they are just covers, if they are from my magazine, full text is there or coming soon.

Go to- Everything Else
Everything Else Album insert stickers, the songbooks, Postcards, 5/14/78 Bottom Line video, 8-tracks, a CD rack divider, a snip of Master Tape, a swatch of costume material, a six dollar bill, "Blow Me" sticker, Flowfazer phone card, a keychain, picks, a Piano, and a drumstick.

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Updated 5/30/08