America's First Community House
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History of the Milliken Memorial Community House released July 16th 07'
Book published by UK PRESS. Printed by Sheridan Books
Over 100 pictures in Hard-Case.  First book ever written on Milliken Community House. Available at Elkton City Hall
Book review Available online (click link)
We're Moving!  The Milliken Memorial Community House will change over to on Monday, August 13th. 
As one of the most dignified structures in America,  the Milliken Memorial Community House has been the chosen place of many couples for wedding celebrations.  This neo-classical mansion is the perfect formal setting for you and your guest. Make yourself a living part of history as you dine and dance in the "house of the loving heart" the same way many socialites of the past have.   Every room is filled with soaring ceilings, and architecture that is still innovative even for today's modern standards.  The mansion holds over 13,000 square feet and boast the finest acousticly tuned auditorium designed by famed theatre architects Marr & Holman. Give your family and guest something to remember this spring and summer season.  The estate is bountiful with gardens and features of a by-gone era.  The newly planted gardens (due finished by august 2007) are flooded with flowers, trees, and architecture reminiscent of the old south.  For more on the Milliken, click on any of the links above.
" House of the Loving Heart"

Milliken Memorial Community House
208 West Main Street
Elkton, Kentucky